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  1. Thank you for the exclusion tip! Worked like a charm :)
  2. Agreed I thought this but I think Paul is trying to get them both stock for now. Also this isnt an issue per say but anyway to get battery apps that display a % in the status bar to appear in one rom? On the sense one I use the HTC provided one but I use a custom one on the GE edition seen as it doesnt have a % meter.
  3. Found an issue with exchange email/all email on the GE rom. When I switch I lose the email account. My account is an exchange account for my uni. @durham.ac.uk and when I switch to sense and then back to GE I lose the account and have to re-add it. The account stays on the sense rom even after switching.
  4. Is the rear camera exactly the same as the one x? Or is it better in any respect?
  5. Getting the Nexus 4 16GB even though the UK have been screwed with pricing its still a great deal for what it is :D
  6. I wasn't sure if Paul was on the jellybean beta trial so he might have it on his One X, I am and I love it i just wondered if it was much different on the One X+
  7. Also can you comapre the speaker to the one x when playing music. Is the One X+'s much better?
  8. Do you know when the actual release date of this will be? I thought it was pushed back to the 5th of November?
  9. In your short time with the device how is the speed compared to the One X?
  10. Oh in that case it didn't work on a mac :( must have been just your S-OFF device. I used the command sh then chose the root-mac.sh file and got nothing.
  11. I tried and got this error rm failed for /data/local.prop, No such file or directory
  12. I lost my settings and apps because I did something wrong :P Im not 100% sure how to run the command on a mac.
  13. Tried on my mac but I need to use an RUU now as I got system UI crashed and constant reboots :(
  14. The 2.3.3 update for the HTC Evo didn't include the new sense so I doubt this will.
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