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    Acer CloudMobile S500
  1. Alvan Yap

    New phones

    Atom is x86 based SoC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atom_(system_on_chip)
  2. Alvan Yap

    Former Liquid User, Current Cloudmobile User

    im former liquid E ferrari edition user also, jump to cloudmobile due to acer's launch promotion which i trade in my ferrari and get cloudmobile @ MYR500 only!
  3. Alvan Yap

    Should I buy this phone?

    well malaysia here is ship with Stock ICS as well
  4. did anyone experience call problem?many of my fren complaint that they cant hear me on call because the voice is too soft
  5. Alvan Yap

    [DEV][HELP] Let's make this Metal 2.3.3 boot!

    agree with you, cyamogen is good in terms of speed n smoothest but the UI control still acer ui done better :) maybe we should just make the cyamogen metal works perfectly :P
  6. hi cdteam if you need some beta tester for gingermetal, there is a Liquid E ferrari edition tester here :P
  7. Alvan Yap

    Acer official Gingerbread

    let's hope that cdteam to port it to liquid, i just help my bro upgrade to gingerbread on his metal, it's impressive and i really wish the UI can utilize on Liquid >.< too bad acer does not provide update for liquid E :(
  8. well as i tried few rom already, this problem didnt exist on froyo base rom...so i not sure is it a common bug of gingerbread, the profile still there but randomly when i restart it will require me to key in the pairing pin number which i will nid to reset my bt headset to repair it. when it asking for pin then i will need to repair it, mostly happened when the headset is moving out of the phone coverage which will auto turn off as well, then when i move back to the phone coverage then i switch on the headset then the phone will appear request pair pin my bt headset is the bundle with phone acer ferrari bt headset.
  9. i discovered 1 bug, the bluetooth earphone pair will missing on reboot....it will required pair pin number...any clue?
  10. Alvan Yap

    [ROM] Cyanogen Mod 7.1 Nightly

    as i wrote in my earlier post, liar is a rude word for me and i think i deserve an apologize from you, beside i dunno if the app2sd option is totally unuseable that's y i suggest but link2sd works well for me, so you can't say my solution is TOTALLY unusable either since 1 of that works. pls think if u use polite way frm the beginning i wont b so annoying, i was just try to help y must use word "LIAR"?
  11. Alvan Yap

    [ROM] Cyanogen Mod 7.1 Nightly

    i mean u can correct me in a more polite way instead of a word "LIAR" (with caution mark some more) which is a very rude word to me and made me feel very uncomfortable....i not even know what's wrong of my reply?that's not call already corrected but more likely is provide a better solution
  12. Alvan Yap

    [ROM] Cyanogen Mod 7.1 Nightly

    did i say something wrong?u re welcome to correct me but i dont think i deserve for the word liar!!careful on your words !!
  13. Alvan Yap

    [ROM] Cyanogen Mod 7.1 Nightly

    download link2sd or reboot to malez & select to move apps to sd option
  14. Alvan Yap

    [ROM] Cyanogen Mod 7.1 Nightly

    this abit strange, in compass it will detect abnormal magnetic field & request for calibration but the compass will never move
  15. Alvan Yap

    [ROM] Cyanogen Mod 7.1 Nightly

    i usually didnt c movie especially HD on my phone :P

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