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  1. Hi Racerboy, When I receive a call, the green and red buttons have different dimensions: the red seems to be "clicked". Could you check, please ?
  2. Installed. All seems to be ok. Tomorrow I will test it. Thanks a lot.
  3. Ok, perfect: I'm ready to test this new rom. Today I found the phone call bug when made a call to my mother: I restored the #213 on the highway ...
  4. Hey, is the new rom ready ? What are the most important differences and improvements ? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Racerboy, Could you enable WIFI tethering on this ROM ? Thanks molpie
  6. Hi, I've installed the ROM and it seems work fine. In this ROM the WIFI tethering, that is present in #201, is missing. Could you add this functionality in the next release ? Thanks in advance!
  7. At each restart the screen "sim network unlock pin" appears.
  8. Perfect! It's important to execute the 8 step in order to have a working Market.
  9. I wiped everything but the Market Installer crash. I tried more than one Market downloaded from internet, but also they crash. Could you help me ?
  10. Hi, I just downloaded and installed the ROM, but the Marked is missing. Where I can find a compatible version with this ROM ? Thanks
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