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  1. Paul, any word on a JellyBean version of MCR for the One X ? It seems that the carriers are rolling it out to handsets (I presume they were doing it before now in UK but we are finally catching up here in Ireland)
  2. Paul, any chance you can add the battery % in Notification bar mod you have on other ROMs ? tx D
  3. Like the new layout. Goole+ esque !
  4. so can you answer the phone whilst it is docked ? with a BT headset maybe ?
  5. Running it now - came from Ir9. Works fine so far. just waiting for some of the UI tweaks (circle battery mod).
  6. Looking to get a European supplier for the Dock - anyone know where I can get one ?
  7. Is it just me or is Titanium Backup gone from the kitchen ? I could hve sworn I used to install it ???
  8. genius ! I suppose someone (hint hint gurus!) could develop a little app to read it and display ? :) c'mon, it is Christmas afterall !. I will donate an extra 30 euro once off to Modaco if this is done by anyone ! :) Cant say fairer than that....
  9. see, someone else would like my idea ! :http://android.modaco.com/topic/349996-idea-for-kitchen-builds/page__p__1870500__fromsearch__1#entry1870500
  10. Yeah, I think there should be some kind of priority list for downloads from the kitchen. I am obviously to be top of the list :) Just goes to show how many people are using MCR. Paul, have you stats (that you can share) of how many people use your ROM (or at least download it / bake it) ? Just for nosiness sake I'd be interested in finding out how many others are doing it too ?
  11. Works fine for me . edit : I meant Data Usage . Kitchen download is real slow for me too ...
  12. Grrr !. had just baked one and was copying it via AirDroid. Time to start all over again ! :)
  13. Anyone else experiencing call drops. Have the kitchen build from last night, no oc/uv kernel - just Pauls standard one. KK1 default radio... dropped a few calls today gonna fire another build on, this time with kk6 to see if its better...
  14. Lookinv good for me so far. Probably first time i didnt bother doing full wipes or caches and data when romming phone
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