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  1. during incoming call, the phone will vibrate 1st, the ringtone but it will take 3-4 second to turn on the screen, sometimes it just wont turn on, any1 having the same problem?
  2. ! C:\Users\Jayslyn\Downloads\miuiandroid_Liquid-2.3.16.zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
  3. i also got random reboot, not over cloaking, sometimes open 4-5 apps together and it will get random reboot, my situation same with Ozan, a lot of apps with dalvik cache to sd with a2sdgui
  4. Everything works fine other than the proximity sensor, the screen won't turn on after phone call, I have to press the power button manually to wake the screen if i want hang up the phone
  5. any1 mind to explain zipalign on bot, dalvik JIT plz? thx a lot
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