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  1. Well update, this does not happen for me anymore since i switched to 2.1. all i get is the handcent notification in trhe notification bar. :rolleyes:
  2. Because u r reading it via handcent, if u read it via built in sms it will go off. r u on 1.6 or 2.1?
  3. Yes u have cancelled the notification bar, but u can not get rid of the lock bar notification to the best of my knowledge.
  4. i c, but do take into consideration that the Russians were the first to put 2.1 on the phone.
  5. So i r saying u put it up and its not true?!
  6. Actually in Russia they already have froyo working on Gt540
  7. Sorry can't help but just wanted to say i love ur barcode :)
  8. Well for me when i have the 1 its actually a calendar reminder.
  9. so, did u find which onw was causing the problem?
  10. Remove the apps, and put on one by one. that way u will know which one is causing the problem. uri.
  11. Apparently it acts as the lock screen. nothing works on it accept for the bottom icons and the Brightness icon.
  12. RottenFoxBreath i know u told me u are here longer then me and its true. But i really don`t think the point of being here is to tell everyone to not get the gt-540.
  13. the difference is the speed and smoothness. And re the Orange SF A.K.A ZTE Blade, it is a much heavier and bigger phone both wider and longer, for me that is a deal breaker, but if u do not mind the size or weight it does seem better on paper.
  14. Haha, that is funny! my numbers r incorrect! i need to write them right to left, but other then that it is perfect.
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