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  1. any way thanks for info Korean :D immm really strange language for us :P the important you are save now :P thanks for corporation
  2. Your welcome brother and the first thanks to koko5800 ;) Really. marvmcsbest Really I don't Know >_>! My storage still work fine since I git it back... I'm still surprise about what happened to you and I don't have any explaining about what happened ;) . Thanks again for corporation
  3. Ok what about if go as following (start >> settings >> general Settings >> Memory Settings >> My Storage) >> is it show the Storage size (0 Mb) or something???!! any way try to do that steps before again but before that just do this one go as following (start >> settings >> general Settings >> USB Connection >> Enable advance network functionality << make it disable ) and after that do the same steps again and make sour do the step 7 & 8. I am not sour as said to you it's only guessing try it. otherwise format your device and before format make backup and we are waiting for your Replay.
  4. you are welcome brother and god help you and your people I follow the news I hope you succeed to be free in what you have, thanks for you firs ;)! Really I don't have any Ideas now sorry, but I will try to find solution if I get it I will sure pass it here. Sorry again !>_>.
  5. marvmcsbest Really it's not a good news, I don't Know dude but tray to make hard rest (format) your device and follow the steps correctly may it help. just tray again. Waiting for your replay... Wish you succeed ajit.si, combathero, skoda60kcertel, marvmcsbest, zh she and aceir Happy to hear that guys and happy days for you |^_*|__! that's a good news. Thanks for corporations Best Regard, your Brother Magic_Mur
  6. happy to hair that guys me also I was suffering more than 4 month and I refuse to send it to repair and finally we get the solution very :) nice. Now I can Keep my mobile without fairing from this silly :) problem and install any Rom I like hahaha ;) . I'm waiting for the rest.. :lol:
  7. I hope this is the right place for this subject Hi guys today really I bring to you the solution for (My Storage disappear) Problem its work with me correctly I hope it will work with you also. Special thanks to koko5800 from http://www.ce4arab.com Forums (Arabic Forum) he is the one who brought the Solution from a foreign website and Explain as he understand to us. The original Subject in this link http://www.ce4arab.com/vb7/showthread.php?t=283918 This is a small thanks to you guys because we always come to your forums to get help if we stock in something So, I make this Subject to appreciation you for help and to exchange the Information and Experience together any way let's start, 1- First things we need to install the cab file from the link below cab name MoviPatch_Eng_100416.cab in the rar file with name windows-1256__my storage back. 2- http://www.mediafire.com/myfiles.php or you can take it from attachment 3- After you install it in your mobile go to your ( File manager >>Temb >> MoviPatch >>NormalPatchUpdate.exe ) 4- Switch your mobile off and take you battery out. 5- Return your battery to your mobile again and switch it on again 6- You will get massage have to chooses with strange language I think may be Chinese language OK whatever Chose the left on 7- Now go and chose as following (start >> settings >> general Settings >> USB Connection >> Mass storage) 8- Now connect you mobile O2 (GT-I800) to you PC it will directly identify your mass storage and ask for format it accept and format it 9- Now it will show in your PC it's available Note: this only effect in storage part only and eras the file that was in the storage part only, So all the file in this part will delete >_> but at lest it will back Some people they said after the 3rd step them Storage back with the information .. So maybe you can Stop in the 3rd Step otherwise you have complete the steps for my I didn't get it until complete the full steps Congratulations your Storage back again … I hope it will help … Just for your information My Storage is 16 GB and it's shown before 0 Mb and after applying those Step its back again I wish you success and good luck all windows_1256__my_storage_back.rar
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