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  1. i got my Stellar as a warranty replacement for a Trion, but it arrived as simply the phone, nothing else (e.g case, CD etc). I have tried to get the GPS working, downloaded several bits of software including TomTom taster, GPSGate etc, but the only thing that activates the GPS (i.e. flashes the amber LED) is Google Maps which works perfectly, finds a good number of satellites, generally faultless. I know warranty devices are often "fixed" returned devices, so it could be hardware, but Google working makes me think not. Following the same line of thought, I had a look at the registry and found a key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\GPS Intermediate Driver\Drivers\GPSOnePort with the comm port set to Com1. Most things seem to look on Com1 or 7 - does anyone know if this is the correct setting? or of course have any other ideas what could be going on. I did make what in retrospect was probably a mistake in that since I had to switch over quickly I used Sprite to backup my Trion and restore to the Stellar, so I am thinking about a hard reset anyway, just waiting to see if the 6.1 ROM comes out first :D
  2. I have always used Repligo, but just tried installing it on my Vista PC to find that it doesn't work. Went to look at the Cerience site to see if there was a fix and found that Cerience have dropped support for Windows Mobile - Repligo is now Blackberry only. Fortunately I bought it long enough ago to not get seriously annoyed about this, and still have an XP PC I can use for conversion, but in the long run I need something else. A key consideration is the ability to convert from PDF, as I have a lot of manuals etc in that format. Mobipocket claims to do that, but when I installed it there is no PDF import option - possibly because like all sensible people I don't use acrobat reader. Any other suggestions for something that will do the job? BTW, I thought the implementation of Repligo as a pseudo printer was a really elegant solution, made it completely source independant. Beats me why Cerience never did anything with it.
  3. Interested in whether you have managed to get it working with the built in GPS - not clear from your post whether you are running the software on the Kaiser or the laptop. I am looking for some basic walking stuff (built in sat nav in the car, and the Kaiser can't compete with a 7" screen :D ). I have tried smart2go but it simply hangs, and any supplier which has links to report how great the software is but nowhere to report bugs is best avoided. Google works fine, but without an unlimited data account is too expensive. There is a report on the GPSS beta tester page of the software not working with the Kaiser - as far as I can see with mine, the problem is simply that it doesn't switch the GPS on (no flashing amber). Any idea how this can be done?
  4. anyone know if this solves the battery discharge problem if the computer is off? In other words, do I still have to remember to disconnect the phone when I switch the computer off?
  5. Just to contribute somethingmore to the confusion, I don't know whether this is a fault with my C550 or my PC, but I have discovered that if I leave the USB connected with the PC switched off, the battery discharges at a furious rate. Since I normally charge the phone from the USB, this is a real pain - means I have to remember to unplug it if I switch the PC off. Maybe this is why there is no docking cradle for the C550
  6. The clue is in the GPRS usage - look at the battery life estimates in the manual and it says 5 hours calls, 2 hours GPRS. Your experience seems to fit with that. I only normally use GPRS for mail sync, and got over 3 days without charge before I got below 50% battery. Don't really understand why GPRS should be so heavy on the battery, but personally can't see an hour a day of GPRS as being light usage. I have now got into the habit of syncing/charging every morning, takes about 2-3 hours to get a full charge from a USB connection. Can't speak for the initial charge as my battery arrived fully charged.
  7. Comparing battery life between C550 and E200, after I got my C550 initial set up done I took it off charge, and left my fully charged E200 on standby (bluetooth on on both). Using the C550 normally, the E200 got the battery warning up at about the same time the C550 lost its first bar. Awesome, an SPV that actually works as a mobile phone without being plugged in :) The voice dialling is brilliant just hold down the button on the BT device, and another thing that now works is that it hands off between the phone and the bluetooth set (car in my case) as you go in and out of range - the E200 would just stay locked into whatever it was to start with. This is really useful as I can now be talking on the phone walking to the car, and have it transfer over to the loudspeaker as I get in and drive off - there must be at least 5 minutes a month saved through that alone :D
  8. Repligo viewer = works fine and makes full use of the screen Metro = works OK, doesnt use about 1 text lines worth of screen
  9. I got mine about 2:00, and changing the date/time worked fine - of course they may have changed something on the newer ones :)
  10. changing networks is a pain - last time I did it they refused to let me port my number, and for a business number that is just too expensive.
  11. seems to be a bug rather than hardware as it only does it about 95% of the time - does it on car charger as well as dock. Not a disaster but annoying. I would try a hard reset but I can't find a backup mechanism, and can't face the time it took me to get everything working all over again!
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