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    XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet

    So, I'm running the latest version of the N4 ROM and Wallet just got an update. Being something I've been frustrated with for a while (along with most outside the US) I've not played with it for a while however after the update I opened it & my UK cards are listed there. Will this work in M&S?
  2. FYI, I contacted Paul via Twitter last week and he said there are plans for a 4.3 update for our N4 devices. I'm still running 4.2.2 on mine but have gone to 4.3 stock on my N7 (it needed a reset anyway). There really isn't any day-to-day difference since Google started rolling out good app updates to combat sluggish OEMs. It is frustrating when our subscription is lapsing but I guess that's the trade off in being a fan of Paul's work.
  3. I used wug's toolkit. Unrooted, flashed stock 4.3 and then re-rooted. System speeded up nicely (and a new Times 30 day trial is always a bonus). The settings menu is the first thing you notice about having the stock ROM - Paul's mod is far better. I'll be flashing as soon as possible.
  4. Excellent, I'll give that a go later.
  5. As Paul is taking some time away, has anyone tried (and can recommend) another similar rom to try flashing?
  6. TRIM support for 4.3! I can't wait now for this MCR to be updated. It'll be like getting a new device.
  7. New Hangouts not compatible with my N7, is this because I'm on MCR? It seems odd that Google wouldn't launch it to be compatible with a current Nexus device. Anyway, more work for the already busy Paul! :)
  8. Any idea when Jr19 will be ready Paul? Andy
  9. Both the OTA and Jr15 can be installed over Stock or MCRs without loss of apps.
  10. JOP40G baked by Nigella last night. Cheers Paul.
  11. This could be anything. My twitter client of choice is Tweetcaster Pro. I was previously running stock on a G Nex. Since getting the N4, rooting immediately and flashing this ROM I've noticed that expandable notifications for Tweetcaster do not work. All other applications that use expandable notifications are ok. As I said, this may be nothing to do with the ROM but it's intriguing nonetheless.
  12. Open Titanium Backup & defrost it, same applies to Sound Search widget.

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