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  1. Very very very Thanks!! It solved my problem, my setup was wrong because this rom has the COM4 port by default to the program, I chose COM3, the COM9 for hardware and I chose COM3: COM3 for GARMIN and does my GPS work fine!!!!!!, I love this rom an this THEME jejej really are geniuses.
  2. I do not understand ??????? if roms are the same because you think should work carbonyx
  3. No I do not want to change my rom, I like the Spiritu Maligno, I want a tutorial or a checklist to check the settings GPS on my omnia. Thanks in advance
  4. I NEEEDDD HEEELP!!!!! Hello, yesterday after a year of thinking about flashing my omnia I900L, I chose the 908 ZUIF2 Vs. XBIJ1 WM 6.5.X build 23563 Spiritu Maligno ROM, my problem is that Garmin does not detect my GPS, and it always says "GPS Intermediate Driver". I installed the GPS Standard Cab. I can do :lol: ? Thanx in advance!!!!!!!!
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