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  1. I'm really interested to that project.. And i really like your approach!! Congratulations!! I'd be happy to help so if you need something feel free to ask!
  2. https://github.com/thepasto/liquid-chocolate/commit/937012fe35e9fb6d4ca112599b8d685f26d039ab#diff-1 This is the patch i used to change system to 200mb size. You should do the same changing your values. But it's a bit dangerous.. if you don't know what are you doing. Reading what you wrote in your post i suggest you to be really careful :P Board-config file can be skipped atm, it's only a check to warn if built image is bigger than your partition size. Remember to built twrp recovery or cwm with your new kernel and perform a full wipe then, without this step you'll mess up your device and there are several risks of brick
  3. thepasto

    Cu all guys

    Hi guys, I just recived a gnexus, so it's time for my liquid to "rest in peace" :). I'd like to thank you all for your support and for all the knowledges i learn with you!! I knew very good devs and people here, and i really think this is the best community and the best phone i ever worked with. I'm still available for explainations or advices for anyone wants to countinue my work. My github is always there, and sources will be there forever :) My liquid is always in my hand so maybe in the future i will update cm9 or maybe i will try to compile a cm10... Atm i want to play with my new device :D Cu soon and thanks again Goodbye, ThePasto :D
  4. Totally right :D Thanks for reporting. It should be disabled until fixed.
  5. I think is not normal when screen is flickering.. The strange thing is that mine don't. I can check it in next days
  6. I think you can try to reinstall it.. Becuase cannot work for somebody yes and for somebody not :) It's a kernel fix so same kernel have to work int the same way for everybody. Retry and let me know
  7. Thnx for reporting :) it's nice to see how if something is not working, it's repeated ad nauseum :D if it's fixed i have to wait a couple of hours to know if it is really working :D
  8. In linux it's working fine, i don't have windows pc and i won't install it, so i cannot debug this problem.
  9. Here the wake up screen issue fix, it should solve bt issues too (if any). RC1_patch Link added on first post too. Wipe your dalvik-cache after zip installation.
  10. I just compiled it for my archlinux. It's a good kernel but i like more .29 :D
  11. Lupo the solution is easy... Just revert powermanagement to the original .29.. Problem solved :D
  12. Tnx for reporting :) It was because of camcorder fix.. I found en error in media_profiles file, and too lazy to rebuilt everything :P
  13. Already out :D Check first post :D ENJOY!!
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