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  1. I'm really interested to that project.. And i really like your approach!! Congratulations!! I'd be happy to help so if you need something feel free to ask!
  2. https://github.com/thepasto/liquid-chocolate/commit/937012fe35e9fb6d4ca112599b8d685f26d039ab#diff-1 This is the patch i used to change system to 200mb size. You should do the same changing your values. But it's a bit dangerous.. if you don't know what are you doing. Reading what you wrote in your post i suggest you to be really careful :P Board-config file can be skipped atm, it's only a check to warn if built image is bigger than your partition size. Remember to built twrp recovery or cwm with your new kernel and perform a full wipe then, without this step you'll mess up your device and there are several risks of brick
  3. thepasto

    Cu all guys

    Hi guys, I just recived a gnexus, so it's time for my liquid to "rest in peace" :). I'd like to thank you all for your support and for all the knowledges i learn with you!! I knew very good devs and people here, and i really think this is the best community and the best phone i ever worked with. I'm still available for explainations or advices for anyone wants to countinue my work. My github is always there, and sources will be there forever :) My liquid is always in my hand so maybe in the future i will update cm9 or maybe i will try to compile a cm10... Atm i want to play with my new device :D Cu soon and thanks again Goodbye, ThePasto :D
  4. Totally right :D Thanks for reporting. It should be disabled until fixed.
  5. I think is not normal when screen is flickering.. The strange thing is that mine don't. I can check it in next days
  6. I think you can try to reinstall it.. Becuase cannot work for somebody yes and for somebody not :) It's a kernel fix so same kernel have to work int the same way for everybody. Retry and let me know
  7. Thnx for reporting :) it's nice to see how if something is not working, it's repeated ad nauseum :D if it's fixed i have to wait a couple of hours to know if it is really working :D
  8. In linux it's working fine, i don't have windows pc and i won't install it, so i cannot debug this problem.
  9. Here the wake up screen issue fix, it should solve bt issues too (if any). RC1_patch Link added on first post too. Wipe your dalvik-cache after zip installation.
  10. I just compiled it for my archlinux. It's a good kernel but i like more .29 :D
  11. Lupo the solution is easy... Just revert powermanagement to the original .29.. Problem solved :D
  12. Tnx for reporting :) It was because of camcorder fix.. I found en error in media_profiles file, and too lazy to rebuilt everything :P
  13. Already out :D Check first post :D ENJOY!!
  14. I still don't understand why you want to remove copybit :D.. (joking) BTW in this way you shouldn't be able to run opengl based apps like google chrome (market version). Anyway let me know about your progress. PS. Now with lastest kernel (test branch) you can compile copybit again from sources Thnx
  15. HWA in adreno 200 is working.. Drivers for ics and jb are released. No problem with that. We already have HWA working. But composition is gpu(3D)+ copybit (2d emulation). BTW take your time, when you'll be free we talk, no problem :P Cu soon
  16. Ok a dirty fix :) Symlink /data/dalvik-cache to /cache/
  17. Copybit can't be removed.. No 2d harware on adreno 200 side. So you have to emulate it with copybit. PS. Need for your help when you'll have some spare time. Can you ping me on irc or gtalk? thanks :D
  18. remove this line from your build.prop dalvik.vm.dexopt-data-only=1[/CODE]
  19. Maybe today... Maybe tomorrow, maybe another day. Usually i realease a new rom when it's ready.
  20. What do you mean about we have out 256mb?
  21. don't know what CUS2 stands for, but i don't think you've a risk of bricks to update your phone. You can download it from acer website so don't think you can brick it with an official update. Btw i don't know your device so i'm not sure.. I'm only following s100 indications
  22. I don't think there will be differences. Custom recovery overwrites the acer recovery that is in each stock rom
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