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  1. Looks and sounds like a really nice version of what a flagship can be. And hopefully what something in my price range soon will be. By the time OnePlus or similar are churning out something as well integrated as this though, I'd like to see it with waterproofing, wireless fast-charging (just make it ceramic and a bit fatter if the metal case is adding problems) and maybe an sd slot. Looking forward to hearing what you make of Assistant.
  2. Good that you included the disclaimer at the top Paul. Lots of sites are just posting these Huawei puff-piece press releases as reviews - bit shady really imho. The above doesn't actually tell us that much about the phone - just breathless hyperbole about features of modern smartphones! Any info about the battery size? [I see from the last article on this that it's nice and big at 4000mAh] Good that it has Marshmallow (albeit with the shonky EMUI skin - not mentioned above) Encouraging that it has google maps "free of charge" (wtf?) On the level, what do you reckon, Paul? Any good? Crumbs! Just saw a review on CNET - 450 quid for the 16gb model???
  3. Crumbs! That Redmi Note 3 Pro can be had for less than £150 delivered (albeit slowly). Plus you might end up paying duty. Fwiw, when I've bought dodgy products from Aliexpress I've been surprised how good the aftersales care has been http://s.aliexpress.com/ieIz6nYR
  4. So, you've 170 quid. Do you buy this or the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and have 40-50 quid over for sweets? The processors are reportedly comparable, though you might know better. Comparable memory (options on 32gb with the Xiaomi. Pros I can see for the Honor 5x are a better screen (1080p v 720p - also I think the Honor is half an inch bigger), also you get a fingerprint scanner. Some degree of UK support, which has to count for something. The Redmi Note has a considerably bigger battery, IR blaster, costs a lot less (though you may get hit with duty, which still brings it in cheaper). Honor phone looks nice, but the Xiaomi ain't too shabby from where I'm sitting. You have both in your massive box of telephones - which is better? FIGHT! Also Paul, what's going on with no updates on Modaco for months then loads in a day?
  5. Well, that Padsell deal looks suspiciously cheap. Just under £200 for a Note 5? Free delivery too, you say? Really?
  6. Or else, if it's dual sim you want at this price, why not get the dual sim moto g (2nd gen)? Might have an older soc, but it's a better package Bit of a shame this Blade s6 isn't better. Why do low end manufacturers bother trying to differentiate with software features when inevitably all they do is kneecap their devices? A stable, stock lollipop build on this would go a long way to improving its stability, which is the main issue here.
  7. Do you always wear a smartwatch on each arm Paul? I was just wondering what you'd make a of a Pebble, then I saw one on your right arm! Don't remember reading a review of it...
  8. Love the phone Until a couple of weeks back, just as it passed it's 4 week birthday, my wife forgot to put it on charge overnight and the battery must have run down completely It has since stubbornly refused to accept charge Or do anything at all, actually The internets tell me that this is a pretty common problem with both the G and the G-2nd ed and that there are various things you can do to get it to accept charge (eg, leave it to discharge fully then plug in and hold the power button and vol - for two mins. That didn't work. Nor did 15 mins) Anyway, Amazon don't want to know since it's >28 days old Motorola have been fine about taking it back and replacing it. Just a PITA as it's going to take a while Alledgedly this problem will be fixed in a firmware update The moral of the tale - don't run your battery down
  9. I bought one for my wife (after she fell out of love with my old nexus 4) and agree with you - it's a really great phone. Hard to find fault with it plus lots of really neat features (water resistant, dual sim, removable sd, useful enhancements to Android - first device I've used with additional apps which add value). Makes me miss some of these features on my Nexus 5 Can't recommend it highly enough!
  10. I guess the 4g is the big selling point here. If that ain't your thang (wouldn't be mine, particularly) then it's hudls all the way, though if it's a must have feature then this seems a steal. Alcatel don't seem that bad, so far as I can tell - after all, it's not like any of these brands actually build the hardware themselves (all seem to come from the same few Chinese producers)
  11. Lookit! http://www.google.com/nexus/ And for people who don't want a mahoosiv phone, they're not retiring the 5 Gimme mah Lollipop!
  12. One on top of the other? No They only have a short effective range (5mm or so) so unless your devices are paper thin you couldn't piggyback them & keep the coils within range. Plus I'm sure if you could get both in range charging would be slow since your wall charger is only throwing out around 0.5-1a. There used to be some Powermat dual /side by side chargers but I haven't seen any qi ones like that Actually, Google tells me there are a few, eg http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00IAC0B04?pc_redir=1411898203&robot_redir=1 Bit pricey Cheaper one here through AliExpress http://www.aliexpress.com/item/qi-standard-dual-charger-wireless-charging-pad-transmitter-for-mobile-phones-factory/1441274467.html
  13. How are you finding battery life? I understood previous atom based phones were pretty good for this
  14. Are you installing after a full wipe each time? Mine (or rather, my wife's since she inherited it) went dicky like this a while back. Unfortunately since she wouldn't let me "mess about with it" (root it etc) when I passed it on to her I couldn't use Better Battery Stats to check it out so had no option but to do a full wipe and reinstall stock 4.4.4. It was fine after that If you are doing a full wipe then you'd best check your battery stats and see what's causing the problem
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