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  1. Hi Folks, i recently acquired a the B7300 and i've been very happy with it. But the problem is some applications sometimes try and connect to the internet via GPRS and eats up a lot of my credit (im on a prepaid line). I've downloaded a small app called Nodata and have disabled all my service providers settings and seems to have worked. Now, i wanted to know if i plug my phone to my laptop which is connected to the internet when i plug my phone to my laptop via USB, would the phone have the ability to share the connection on my laptop? The reason i asked this question is i disabled all my service providers GPRS settings and i tested it out by using my facebook widget and it actually connected. So I have two guesses: 1. the application NoData i downloaded didnt work 2. the phone can connect to the net via USB connection to my laptop Sorry if this is a bit confusing since im very new to windows mobile phones. Any help or clarification would be highly appreciated.
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