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  1. I never tried as I read there was a fix coming #justsayin :P
  2. Weird. Just lost both the Home soft key and Quick settings toggle in the GE Rom in the latest OTA :/
  3. Installed and working very well. Able to switch between roms without a problem. Everything working as it should. Coming from a stock GE. Will test the root later as I will def need it. Great work!
  4. Really glad to hear that. The last 2 HTC phones I had were the Desire and Desire HD. Both had pitiful sound. I hope it equals or betters the sound from the old Nokia N93 :)
  5. Problem was i used a toolkit earlier tonight to unlock bootloader etc but I didn't realise it included an old TWRP image. I fastbooted the updated image and your ROM worked straight away. Now to get setting it up like the way i had it with the WiFi N7. Thanks again :)
  6. I keep getting Status 7 error when trying to flash. Any ideas Paul? Must do some investigating.
  7. Thanks!! Weird but this is failing for me when trying to flash. Going to download it again to see if it is a bad download.
  8. Your previous MCR was excellent but now with CM its even better. For me personally the main advantage is being able to theme. No messed up gradients and now having the backgrounds in jet black its perfect. Thanks Paul :)
  9. Thanks for the great rom Paul. Looking forward to the gradient fix. Everything else is working perfectly :)
  10. Anybody any ideas as to what time the Store opens for orders on Monday?
  11. Excellent Paul. I tried the apk on the SGS3 but it would just f/c so i installed it to /system/app and it worked perfectly. Many thanks :)
  12. Wrong m8. They had them in Belfast. I have one in my hand now :)
  13. Keeley Hazel is one sexy biatch. Her home made pron aint too bad :D
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