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  1. I use Ubuntu sometimes, its set to connect as a Media Device (MTP) and just shows up as another partion, you might want to check you have it set to be MTP rather than PTP in Options/Storage
  2. yeah, its just as terrible as the 4.2 version. I'll have to try the Google stock app and see if its any better, but I guess there is only so much you can do with crappy hardware.
  3. You can get the full 4.4.2 Firmware from Motorola's website: http://sbf.droid-developers.org/phone.php?device=14 you can use the usual mfastboot method to flash it
  4. Probably not, Paul and others seem to have the root/recovery end of things sorted, there's not really that much in the way of customization that needs removing from the stock image.. I've got my own device where I have made it more like my Nexus4 in terms of installed software, but thats about it.. Plus I'm hella busy at work on a (secret) android based project so I'm not sure I've got much time to devote to messing about with personal projects of late. Oh also, my wife has stolen my Moto G now after she left her phone in London, so until I talk sweet talk it back off her, not likely :)
  5. Well done.. I had a quick look yesterday at it, but I could not get the thing to boot with a new image, I was getting a 'hab check failed' error when I tried to flash an modified boot image.. Whats the secret step I missed then? :)
  6. I've had mine plugged into my Nexus4 2A charger for the last 24 hours.. and no fires (yet)
  7. It was a stall at the Hyde Park WinterWonderland.. http://www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com/ They had a loads of different types. I'm not sure I'd recommend a trip there, most things where hugely overpriced (even by London standards), I saw they where selling churros for 5UKP.. about 3 weeks ago I paid 2USD for one in NYC and felt ripped off..
  8. Erm, seriously? its for ALL Motorola phones, you need to get the thing into Bootloader mode and do a 'fastboot oem get_unlock_data' and put the code it gives you into the site, the site will then work out its a Moto G and give you an unlock code. Easy as 3.14 I did this via fastboot.. I tried the RSD software but it did'nt reconize the devices... there did'nt seem to be any firmware for the Moto G on the support site, are you sure this is a MotoG firmware your looking at ?
  9. This is a surprisingly simple and easy process. https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/standalone/bootloader/unlock-your-device-a I was going to write a guide, but the webpage is so well written there is not a lot of point :) I managed to unlock mine in less than 5 minutes.. you are going to need the Android SDK installed (and working) along with the correct USB drivers, but the motorola support portal will guide you through the process better than I ever could.
  10. The one I got from Phones4U us :14.71.8.falcon_umts.Retail.en.GB
  11. Since quite a few people have asked what the picture quality is like, I thought I'd show you some I took as an example.. and also give my stalker another gift.. Picasa Album: http://picasaweb.google.com/111501793255031955037/MotorolaMotoGSamplePictures Raw Images: http://android.podtwo.com/pictures/motog/
  12. It seems my co-location company cant keep a host up for more than a week, for some reason the file system went Read Only, I've deployed harsh language and its back now...
  13. Yeah, I thought this was public knowledge.. It even kind of looks like one when you put them next to each other
  14. for the Blade V ? or just in General? :) I believe the plan is for a late-fall launch, from what I hear its going to tie in with the New Nexus 10, that is going to be up against what ever Apple launch as the next iPad... but its all just rumours at this stage. they have dragged out a new lawn ornament, so it can't be too long
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