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  1. Managed to get it back to normal, if anyone else comes across the problem go here worked perfect for me http://www.totallydubbed.net/2012/07/08/how-to-use-check-fus-for-downloading-and-checking-stock-firmware/
  2. Can anyone help, been going crazy here trying to figure out what to do :(
  3. Well i just done the same thing again and it done what it was supposed to do, but now i cant get my phone to boot up, i can get into clockwork and download mode again but cant get the phone to switch on. Can anyone help please, or tell me were to get a stock firmware to fix it please. dont want to have a £175 brick :(
  4. Hello i just got a samsung galaxy s2 I9100P yesterday, i updated over Kies last night as it said there was a new update, so i went from gingerbread to what i believe is ics. My phone now says: Model Number: I9100P Android Version: 4.0.3 Baseband Version I9100PXXXLPC Kernal Version: [email protected]#3 Build Number: IML74K.XXLPH Anyway i found this page, http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1103399 then downloaded this CF Version http://download.chai...H-v5.2-CWM5.zip i downloaded Odin3 v3.07 as well, when i downloaded the zip file it had a "zImage" file in it, (not a tar file), anyway i went to odin done all the steps but had the add the whole zip file in the PDA option as it wasnt noticing the "zImage" file on my desktop, i connected the phone in download mode but the file never appeared saying port at the top of odin, what i would like to know is do i need to rename the zimage file in the zip file to tar? and am i using the correct version of CF root to get root o my phone? Hope someone can point me in the right direction :)
  5. Don't know if you know, but you have to have data on to send mms, maybe that's the problem
  6. That's because Tillaz has renamed it in build prop, so you can download stuff from market and gameloft games etc that you don't get if its just G300. [email protected] sure that's the reason, but someone can correct me if i'm wrong :)
  7. if your using the sony media player open it > click on my music at the top > click tracks >hold on the song you want and set as ringtone.
  8. OK I'll download and give it a try, I've backed up the original beta 1 so I can go back to it if needed :) cheers Tillaz
  9. Tillaz is this the beta 1 that we were testing or have you done more improvements, I'm back on beta 1 and happy with it atm
  10. can i get a link Tillaz as i was first to offer to test a few days ago :)
  11. Have you any idea when the final rom will be done Tillaz, and will it have the caller lag sorted, no rush as i'm happy sticking with B01 for now.
  12. I've read in a post somewhere a few months back that someone tried using a googlemail.com address instead of gmail.com to get it to work as they were having problems with play store, its worth a try hope it helps, i don't have any problems with the market so sorry can't be off much more help than that.
  13. I'll stick with B01 for now then until the final is uploaded :) does that mean you need to update the MTP again, or will the one in your last post be ok with the final rom
  14. Cheers Tillaz, Hopefully your internet will sort itself out :)
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