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  1. whats this about modaco/filesonic? ive got an ad free account on here and filesonic that isnt from here, how can i get kitchen downloads from filesonic rather than the slightly flakey direct downloads from here? rom looks great btw only 2 hours in but everything seems spot on.
  2. When I try to boot up the image, it just sticks at the android green man, no idea why :mellow: Have followed the instructions, currently on r8 modaco 2.1 rom, trying to update to the CM 7.02stable
  3. i swapped 2weeks after buying gt540 and im delighted i did
  4. nice, is the 2.2 rom not buggy itself though?
  5. ive had it crash a few times on me.
  6. Cant wait for this, flaws and all. [email protected] people expecting minimum wage shop staff to have a clue about anything.
  7. retrend

    hotukdeals droid

    same error on san fran for me. shame as im addicted to hotukdeals lol
  8. Can't get it loud enough without distortion through powerAMP :P I really dont even need music that loud on headphones either, so its gotta be really poor if its too quiet for me :D
  9. im sure any battery run you managed would all get sold.
  10. lol, thats a pretty game breaking bug, does it do that consistently?
  11. mine has started not recognising inputs when the phone is lying on a desk. ive not returned it yet because im wondering if im just imagining the whole thing, but its getting far beyond that stage now :/
  12. im considering returning mine for exchange, the touch screen is spacking out several times a day
  13. retrend


    ha thought i was maybe being a bit hopeful, should have really confirmed this before wasting a bunch of bandwidth on psx roms lol
  14. Tried runnning Chrono Cross, Colony Wars, Parappa The Rapper and FF IX and all of them are running really poorly with seriously garbled sound
  15. retrend

    Amazing App for the SF

    good shout, my initial playing with this seems pretty incredible

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