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  1. Many many thanks flshg all sorted it was exactly as you said
  2. Thanks friend is it better to format under windows or phone, and ext2 or 3 ? Many thanks removing the card worked
  3. My phone keeps rebooting everytime i go to update or download apps from the market. This happens with every rom. It was ok for about a month then started rebooting. Am using a class 10 16 gig play.com card
  4. I have been running MCSF 1 because of dolby and wondered what would happen if i installed another rom without wiping anything. Ive just done this with GSF 20 and still got dolby but running GSF. I would be interested to know if this works with other roms. PS totally stable so far
  5. I read in another post FA that you might be trying to update MCSF rather than try to port dolby over into this rom. Personnaly i dont care about bluetooth but dolby makes a huge difference. Thanks for all you do
  6. Ive had the phone auto rebooting into clockwork and had to reinstall 4 times now. I cleared everything and did clean install each time because i love this rom and am eager for news if dolby is possible or not
  7. Have wiped everything reflashed, done a battery calibration and my battery is still draining more than on other roms. No wifi gps etc turned on what could it be. I know battery is ok. Evereyone sais great bat life am on 360lpro
  8. Bless you for all your hard work FA Dolby would be the icing on the cake for this great rom
  9. Thanks for reply. Yes i did a full wipe as you say must be an app thats eating battery
  10. molis ethosa liga donation ya olla pou kanis ya mas se efcharisto poli kirio FA. Ke go ime ellinas po tin ellatha
  11. Thank you sir for reply and all you do for us. We must all donate whatever we can to get this good man a phone
  12. evcharisto poli fa great rom would it be possible ti port dolby over into this rom i had it on the mcstirfry it made all the difference to sound quality and volume great work i will donate when i get some money
  13. Gone back to b20 great battery life and signal apart from BT works great, Thanks wbaw
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