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  1. How is the speaker quality?
  2. Hi Paul - bit hard to contact you via twitter so for doing this :D 1) How do you find the battery life compared to the devices you currently have, including the redmi 3 (i have one of these) 2) Is the camera the let down some articles are saying it is? 3) How is the build quality? 4) How is the screen quality compared to the competition non xiaomi mi 5 questions: 1) are you still gonna do a podcast? i really enjoyed them 2) recommend me a cheap VPN?
  3. Bloody amazing phone when you think about it
  4. Now available at Amazon for pre-order (17th august) and Asda in-store and online
  5. is there a way to get cwm on it? thanks
  6. can i dirty flash this over my almost-completely-factory-stock-apart-from-motley-kernel ROM?
  7. ??? were you trying to answer my question paul?
  8. Does your superboot solution still work on stock 4.2.2 Paul? Many thanks
  9. can someone confirm that this device can be rooted?
  10. Has anyone successfully bought protectors in the UK with the cut out in the corners? If so where from? as cheap as possible please thanks. I've been looking on ebay but they all seem to be the old ones without the cut on the corner.
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