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  1. Thanks for your replied :D I already check for that one but i can find any option to uncheck. Than i delete "own information" it's disappears. But some software asking for that :( Can I remove at registry? any one has same problem like i have? Oh i'm using ROM WM 6.5.3 i8000_28205 Ultra-Lite ROM (Eng) from KSTAN http://www.modaco.co...a-lite-rom-eng/
  2. I want to disable showing owner information window when I unlock phone or turn phone on. When I bought phone, no Owner Information was shown when unlocking. After I had set Owner information in Settings -> General Tab -> Owner Information -> Identification, Owner information window started to appear after unlocking or turnning phone on... Has somebody solved this issue? Where can I disable showing this information?"
  3. I love this rom, but i have always pop up "Owner Information" How to disable it? thanks
  4. I love this rom, but i have always pop up "Owner Information" How to disable it? thanks
  5. i Had downloaded, and extract using 7z, and its saying error :(. And i tried to flash it, it stuck and error Could you provide again , thanks
  6. Hi there You have to install samsung dialer to have video call. I can make videocall with this rom :D
  7. Hi there i'm using this rom " Build 23529 Based on 25th Jan 2010 OEM release " and have message in black screen beta expired how to remove it thanks
  8. I'm using JJ1_6.5.3_21352_Sense_2018_Lite ROM but i never can lock my gps. its already show how many satelite, but take long time to lock and fail :) any suggestion?
  9. help please mine GPS take long time lock. is there any patch or tweak. to make it fast lock. currently i'm using JJ1_6.5.3_21352_Sense_2018_Lite thanks
  10. Oh whats problem bos.. i'm using this JJ1_6.5.3_21352_Sense_2018_Lite right now and i dont have any problem its work perfect no problem at all. i thing its the best rom you can have, ram about 40-30MB. you have to hard reset after you flash it. push VOL up + Power+ Phone call + Phone END together. Hope it can fix your problem
  11. I'm using win7 and conect sucessfully with WMDC. but when i browsing using Omnia it always conect using 3G. not from my laptop network thanks advance
  12. Hallo speed frog.. I really love your rom its very stabil at mine omnia. this is the best ROM i have tried. I have 1 question. I already connected my omnia to my laptop. my laptop is connected to internet. I tried to update weather and browsing at my omnia. usually, if i connected to internet it does connected using my 3g connection from omnia, but conected directly using internet from my laptop. How to make it connect to internet using connection from laptop thanks in advance
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