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  1. I have the same problem as yours . I've been looking for solution since last week and I found nothing that helps ! I'll send for the warranty on next Friday.
  2. I'm stick with the official ROM since the day I got the Desire. It was running perfectly fine until an update(Gmail client) from HTC has messed up the ROM 2 days ago , caused the phone keep rebooting. I tried the factory hard reset , no luck . So I tried to flash it with official ROM (from shipped-roms) via HTC Sync. I almost tried all of the ROM available but all of them gave me errors like 'customer id not match' , 'file not opened 110' , etc . How do I solve this problem ? arg , I wished I had rooted this phone because there are better solutions for rooted phone ! current ROM version : 2.10.405.2 some printscreens 1.jpg - plug in USB screen 2.jpg -unplug USB screen Thanks
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