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  1. shawn0

    star n8000

    I've just ordered one of these,should get it early next week. A lot of phone for the money. Samsung Note clone people are saying. Hope the UK doesn't go the way of some African countries and starts barring Chinese phones :-( Will have to look around for alternative roms. Just found this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=29068381 looks like Jelly Bean is out there ;-)
  2. Ive just done this and for a gasket I used clear silicone to bond the screen back in. Leave it overnight to cure before attempting to re-assemble though. I used a hair dryer and plastic scraper to get the old screen out. I left the top ribbon connected and opened it up like it was hinged. Phone is working as new so it is possible. ;-)
  3. Just got one of these from Argos eBay for £53 delivered.Great feeling of quality.I really like it.Given my SF to my wife. Flashed with Kenya rom and awaiting unlock code from American eBay vendor for £5.17,been almost a day now :-( I bought a Nokia E63 the week Nokia announced FREE mapping. BUT my phone never got it. Felt really cheated.Went to Android soon after. This phone is like my old Nokia but with Android,its the phone I once dreamt of. At this price you can't go wrong. Got Navfree installed and can't wait to test it out. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog has never been so fast :-) Come on unlock code !!!!!!
  4. What will play iplayer/flash straight out of the box. I know the Blaze says it will but everyone else says it won't :-)
  5. Had a look at the new SF2 and WT19i, I have an original SF now and like it but have always wished the screen was bigger, the sony's is smaller still. The samsung will be too expensive, I always look at a phone as "how much do I want to drop on the floor and smash". Looks like I have just missed O2 selling the Xperia play for £149 so I'm waiting to see if that comes back. Xperia play has 4" screen, though I doubt I'll be using the gaming controls. It was a £499 phone at one time, still is on CPW. :-) THANKS FOR RESPONSES!
  6. Said it in the title. Proper skype video calls not using a mirror for wrong camera and such.
  7. Might not be the place to post but can't see a device specific for Huawei S7 sooooooooo! I'm running the Indonesian 2.2.2 and I can't find any software that will use the backward camera for video calling. People say FRING but it just crashes on mine. Anyone video calling?
  8. Well I got one! :D I got a Huawei S7 for £125 brand new off ebay and it even came with a 3 sim inside with a years FREE internet included. Flashed it with the Indonesian 2.2.2 rom and it does almost everything I wanted except video calling. Its got the cameras but the software does not seem to have caught up yet. Yes it has a resistive screen but its no hardship to me.;)
  9. Looking to stick a tablet phone on my coffee table but want to pay phone money and not high end tablet money.Missed out on the Dell streaks going for £199 and don't want to pay Galaxy Tab prices of £299. Anything else to consider sub £200?
  10. I'm on a de-oranged ROM still no luck. Tries to sign in but just fails. Wonder if its something to do with sync? :)
  11. capable of making phone calls via sim card?
  12. but can't find anything so don't shout. Option says add an account but it does not. Loads must have tried this,is it just not possible?
  13. Thanks for that one but none are available online and my local store has none because they have been discontinued. I'll get a sub £199 from somewhere soon :D Cheers! :(
  14. Thought I'd found the best price yet at Play.com but it turned out to be a re-furbished one when I clicked on it :( at £190. Can't pay more than £234 for one now though since you've had one for that price :D
  15. Been thinking of getting one and the prices that I have found so far are £248 at phones4u,£299 at carphone warehouse, and £305 at Tesco. Anyone know of any cheaper? :(
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