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  1. PocketMusic Player Bundle don't working at this rom, plz Tks!!
  2. Thanks you!! i found cab file to support java. Download and install this file to run java application. http://www.mediafire.com/?d940facxye4h2yo
  3. Hxhx, Thank Thunder141 for all. Hope u re pleased with ur new phone, but I'd love to keep in touch with u. b7610 group don't want to say goodbye to such good member like u. B)
  4. Help me, pls i use experiment 37 build 21914 ROM. camera was installed after up rom. But there's no shuter sound.
  5. when installed those cab file, shortcut at start menu link to "Windows/photo album.exe".But i not found it in Windows/.
  6. :rolleyes: Thanks!!!! Successfuled when i open exe file.
  7. Thanks for all!! This time, warning is "The file 'PhotoSlides' cannot be opened.Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate,or one of its components cannot be found..." :)
  8. When i install and open photo album,warning "Unable to run PhotoAlbum.Valid EXECUTION KEY is required" appeared . Pleas, tell me why? Thanks!!!
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