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  1. Is it me,or is there only 2 modules to select when installing xposed framework on B04? *smacks self round the face for not reading the F.A.Q* :D
  2. Anyone else had probs getting this reporting the location on their Y300? Double checked all settings and just will not play ball.
  3. Unlocked bootloader,installed TWRP,but on backing up the screen goes blank and have to pull the battery. Now,as i`m used to CWM usually,is the backup continuing while the screen goes blank or is there a error/something i`m not doing correctly? NM...managed to sort it,needed to apply the Y300 TWRP from their site using the recovery method http://teamw.in/project/twrp2/166 . all working now.
  4. Well,it`s brand new so resetting when the code does come through won`t be a problem because as above i`m just nosing around and having a play till it gets here,then the stock c**p goes bye-bye. :D
  5. Awaiting for the unlock code from Huawei,but till then is there any other things i can tweak to suit? Can`t say i like the UI,does that have to wait for the boot loader unlock to be removed or can just download a different one and replace it? It`s a T-mobile one in B186 firmware,best kept as that? It`s for the other half`s dad,so will have to be kept as stock/simple as possible. Cheers. :)
  6. Been looking at the ZTE III,but no sim unlock is putting me off a little,there anything else up to £120 that`s worth considering? cheers. :)
  7. "The ship is on its way! ETA, fifteen minutes!" ...../Aliens
  8. Continuing on from that logcat i sent you daz,iplayer gives sound with no video (same error). Don`t know if 4od and the rest are the same tho. Only errors i`ve had otherwise. :)
  9. Meh,end of the day it`s a *rom* for a *phone*......not exactly the second coming is it. :D Open the door,enjoy real life for a bit,you never know what might be waiting for you when you get back. :P
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