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  1. Something makes me doubt that HTC are looking at this with anything like any priority.
  2. It is. Never tried it with B926 or 927 as I'm pretty sure it relies on HWA as well.
  3. I've never seen that problem on any other handset with the Facebook app. I tried a data clear with no joy. Then a data clear and uninstalled the app (system app), are installed from market and still the same problem. Like you say, sometimes the feed will appear but its too unreliable. I have the paid version of Friend caster but some posts never show up because of some other users privacy settings (no sharing with third party apps). Only thing to do is use the mobile web or Tinfoil for Facebook.
  4. Does anyone have trouble with the Facebook app? I just get a black screen most of the time. Occasionally a post will show but without pictures.
  5. Honestly I would avoid the B926 and 927 ICS roms. They're just not ready yet. To improve on the stock experience, follow Paul's guide to the G2 888 ROM - it's one of the stickies. It will let you install a pre-rooted and improved ROM. It also installs clockworkmod which will let you back up and try other roms when they're ready. Source: I tried both 926 & 927 and reverted back to 888 as both were laggy.
  6. I'm going to revise my opinion a little bit. I had put B926 ICS on pretty much straight away and it was a bit laggy. I've now downgraded (the squeaky-bum method) back to Gingerbread and flashed Paul's G2 ROM. With the ROM now close to Huawei stock and the lag gone, it is excellent. Once the official ICS build with hardware acceleration comes along it will be superior to the HTC Desire. Bigger screen, solid body and proper ICS without any hacky shenanigans.
  7. Back on GB this evening with Paul's G2 rom. Much improved over B926 or B927.
  8. My HTC Desire is being repaired at the moment and I bought a G300 with a view to having a spare handset. I thought with ICS, I might actually keep the G300 and go SIM only in November when my contract expires. Technically, the G300 should be better than the Desire, but it's just not as polished yet. On original GB or using B926 (ICS) or Infusion (ICS), the G300 is not as smooth as my Desire running Oxygen 2.3.7 or even Sandvold's ICS beta. The screen doesnt seem as responsive and the buttons are no match on the hardware keys on Desire. Lag keeps rearing its head too. Not terrible but enough that the experience is not as good as other handsets*. I'm really hoping that the official Huawei / Vodafone ROM includes HWA and the lag is fixed as otherwise this is not a long-term prospect for me. The good points? It feels more solid than the Desire. Slightly bigger screen but the handset feels a nice size. Screen is nice and bright. Camera seems to be superior to Desire (although I'm using CameraICS+ app as the stock app is slow). *I am keeping in mind that this is a £99 handset
  9. This post is maybe from the Department of the Obvious for most users - but anyone using Windows XP to run Paul's batch file, make sure that ActiveSync is installed. It was cracking me up yesterday, I couldn't get the phone to connect in order to run the batch file. So for XP users: Download and install ADB drivers With the handset switched on and not connected, go to Settings > Development and make sure USB debugging is switched on. Also in Development settings, make sure Fastboot is off. Connect the handset to your PC with USB cable. Go to My Computer, you will see 3x extra hard drives. One will be called 'ISO'. Open it. In the ISO drive is a folder for drivers and a shortcut to download ActiveSync from Microsoft. Install the USB drivers and download and install ActiveSync. Restart your PC if advised to. Follow Paul's instructions on the first post in this thread.
  10. Those specs on the PC World website look fairly cool. May call in on the way home tomorrow to have a look-see.
  11. If you're in the UK, you could do worse than the Orange San Francisco. £99 +£10 top up. If you don't like Orange, don't worry as it can be unlocked for £4 and has stock Android 2.1 as well as an Orange skin. With removal of the Orange bloatware (root, remove and unroot), keeping wifi off, the screen on auto-adjust, Facebook, Twitter & RSS on 2 hour updates and push GMail on, I can get 2 days OK. I don't switch off at night either. Thats with maybe a couple of dozen emails, maybe a dozen or so texts and 30 mins talktime. If you look on the device specific forums, the San Francisco is near the bottom (also know as the ZTE Blade).
  12. OK, you can take this with a pinch of salt but - I work in media sales and Carphone Warehouse has just this week booked a sizeable advertising campaign for December with the brand name, 'Nexus'. It's maybe not the Nexus Two, it could be a generic Android campaign or some other sort of exclusive that CPW expects to have pre-Christmas. Either way, I think I'll hold fire on upgrading for another week...
  13. Easiest way is to use the power control widget. Hold a black space on screen, add widget, choose 'power control'. Lets you have one-touch access to toggle power for wifi, bluetooth, GPS, brightness and sync. I find switching wifi off when I leave home and setting twitter and facebook to updating every 30 minutes leaves plenty of juice.
  14. No word on the Vega but I had a play with a Samsung Tab earlier today (in Tesco of all places). Looks and feels lovely, the screen response is close to the ipad. £529 though is just way too high a price.
  15. electricpig.co.uk said they just got their review version in this morning. 8th November is looking likely now.
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