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  1. Went through these steps and now have a nice and stable Streak again! Thanks to all!
  2. I'm getting the reverse! My clock right now, with automatic settings, shows 7:14 am while it is actually 8:00. This has been happening for the past few days since I updated.
  3. This new build broke Swype for me, as well as Voice Search. Steve, help!
  4. Thanks - I did that as well. Just glad it's not me! The new Netflix IS working on my 10-inch Streak!!
  5. After reviewing the initial steps (which have changed for the better since I did this a year ago!) to flash the two files then apply the update, I have 2.4 running on my Streak! Much more stable than my old 1.9.0 build (probably didn't flash a baseband at some point) so I'm happy. GPS is working fine, but Netflix 1.5.1 isn't working - hangs on the red Netflix screen. I have uninstalled it, cleared the data, and tried everything I could to no avail. Anyone else run into this with the new beta? BTW, thanks again to DJ Steve and Fards for their dedication and hard work!
  6. rockymtnbri

    Bye Bye Streak

    I wish I had a spare, but I know where I can find one!
  7. Look in the other thread - it requires a small edit to the build.prop and a restart.
  8. rockymtnbri


    Just edited my build.prop with those mods - crossing my fingers. IT WORKS!!!!! I powered off my Streak and when I re-started it, I kicked off Netflix and the audio was the right speed.
  9. I grabbed it too - it's not ready yet. That is, the server aren't set up to talk to Android devices yet.
  10. Thanks for the quick response - I was getting ready to head out! Now I can go out with my Streak!
  11. OK, did those things, and now it's OK!
  12. It's frozen - I'll try to remove the battery and the SD card.

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