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  1. Just noticed options for displaying battery percentage in statusbar, and fullscreen quick toggle options under Display settings. Were those there prior to the 4.3 update? Unsure myself, but nice to have :-)
  2. LOL no probs :mellow: In that case no harm in trying it relentlessly fella, main thing is up copy over the nvm just before the phone reboots into CWM recovery from FTM.
  3. I had the same issue, so long as you have your original Channel1.nvm you can use the following method: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...flash-solution/ and http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...n-1-from-gen-2/ Basically it took me a couple of attempts, the key is to copy over your Channel1.nvm into the flasher folder when it gets between 6 to 10%. Remember to use the correct nochecks.exe for your current gen. Good luck! :mellow: Edit: I used the windows flasher method and not TPT; not sure how that would work on devices that have been through TPT?
  4. I'm assuming you're clicking on the radio button next to the APN you entered to make it active? Other than that I'm out of ideas I'm afraid. :/
  5. Take a look here to setup your APNs for O2: http://android.modaco.com/content/forum/31...work-providers/ :mellow:
  6. Out of curiosity, have any of you guys tried playing around with the rendering options in CM settings (CM7) to see how this effects the issue? Does sound like a loose connection on the display mind; ie. as the device warms up, the connector would get a better contact if loose.
  7. My preference is CM7 but it's not a stable release as yet, but still more than adequate IMO. Recommend you try 2 or 3 various ROMs; there's bound to be one you're more naturally drawn to after a good play :)
  8. UPDATE: okay I think all this was down to a corrupt download. I previously ran gen2_136mb_system_no_oem_15mb_cache with no joy (no log file to speak of). I tried kallt_kaffe's gen_conversion_ver2.zip (gen2_org_partitions) this time, and bingo it worked. Now GEN2 running CM7n41 (...phew!). :)
  9. Oooops! Too late. A bit of further searching lead me here to get an old flasher (download_nochecksGen1.exe). This 'saw' my device and flashed. It boots to CWM, though I'm not sure which ROM to now flash? ...a GEN1 ROM i'm guessing?
  10. BALLS! ...this has just happened to me trying to go from GEN1 to GEN2. MDCFan; I tried the above & can see ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface(DFU) (COM3) listed in Device Manager (windows 7), though I'm not sure how to flash from here. Anyone enlighten this dumb-ass please? :)
  11. I don't really, but I just tried the Nexus LW (on default ADW) and I do see a split second pause in animation of the LW when swiping from screen to screen.
  12. N37 ...slickest nightly yet; app draw scrolling like butter for me. Great job fellas! :)
  13. FFS, I wasn't complaining? No. Was placing my facts of my experience with it, so please don't be So quick to jump. OC a device is inherently risky and can cause stability issues. I stated I went to an older build :D
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