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    Omnia Lite with WM 6.5.5

    Nice rom but now i have lost the tactile feedback (phone should vibrate when screen is tapped). Its a real issue while typing on the virtual keyboard. Anyone know of a fix? Thanks
  2. Ok so I have managed to flash my Omnia lite with a cooked ROM but now the virtual keyboard is useless. Its way to small and doesnt vibrate when a letter is pressed. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks EDIT: Just tried the beta and stable release of the PCM keyboard but both wont work :lol:
  3. jmdixon85

    How do I flash??

    Cheers :lol: Worked great!
  4. Having problems flashing my Omnia lite with a new ROM. Tried both Win7 64bit and XP pro 32bit I have the samsung modem drivers installed and do the following: 1: Turn phone off 2: Load Buckingham downloader 3: plug phone into PC and turn phone on. The downloader fails to detect the phone on both pc's :lol: What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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