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  1. Hi, When out of the house, a pin code or pattern lock is of course very very useful. But when I'm home, I get tired of entering the unlock code 30 times a night. Removing the lock every night and later putting it back on is too cumbersome. Now there are apps like these: https://play.google.....android.nolock https://play.google....tion.nokeyguard And they both work fine, until... I select something from the Notification pulldown, which then causes the Pin or Pattern screen to appear! It would seem like the Notification Bar has it's own "view" of whether the phone is locked or not, and bypassing the lock using the apps above is apparantly out of its sight. In other words, the Notification Bar seems to think the phone is still in lock mode, and orders me to unlock it before it can proceed. It also appears that this isn't even general Android behaviour: - on my Nexus 7 (2013) it behaves exactly as described. - on my Samsung Galaxy S3 the above "disable lock"-apps do nothing if there is a Pin or Pattern active. Now my question: is there a "disable screenlock" app that ALSO manages to do it's magic for the Notification Bar? Even if only for the Nexus 7 :-) Or is it something that one of you great developers out there could try to fabricate? Ideally it should have simple toggle behaviour, like the apps that I linked to, only a bit better or smarter. Thanks! Peter
  2. I'm sure they would be in a lot less trouble if they had released this: [a] worldwide, and from the start. And even now, it is just a local edition... When will they learn, if ever? I probably would not have owned an S3 if this had been available at the time.
  3. Update: Dolphin HD rocks! Already hooked. Better than all the others combined, it does Flash, and it's even got extensions.
  4. Thanks, never really tried Dolphin, now I'm trying both Mini and the full version. I almost threw a fit when I saw the "Auto brightness" setting in Mini... Fortunately they had the sense to make it optional! In the mean time, patched apks and magic tweak scripts are still welcome ;-)
  5. Hi, The default browser on the S3 has an annoying and totally unnecessary "feature": it has it's own brightness control, totally separate from the OS. And I have yet to find a way (even after googling & browsing fora for 2 days straight) to disable that "feature". The problems with brightness are manyfold: - Auto brightness on the S3 sucks, both in the OS and in the browser: almost always way too dark for me. - Because Auto brightness sucks, I tried using manual brightness. But then I keep adjusting it, both in the OS. And in the Browser. And back. And. Forth. All. Over. Again. Etc. Etc... - Then I found LUX, a terrific Auto brightness app, with a free version (which is only slightly limited). And it works great!! Except... it only works outside the Browser... because as soon as the browser starts, it interferes with or even takes control away from LUX, and the manual brightness party starts all over again. So here is a request. Could someone try to disable or even eliminate brightness control in the standard browser? It should never mess with my brightness. It should let the OS / me / LUX / whatever handle it! A new apk or an update zip would be most excellent. Or perhaps a script that tweaks the apk, so if an OS update changes the browser -> just patch it again. I am rooted & already using ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, so that's no problem. And yes, I know about Chrome and Firefox, I even have both installed. But both have their annoyances and occasional rendering problems. To me, neither is ready to be my fulltime browser. Thanks, Peter
  6. I'm wondering, does any of these phone have an FM Radio?
  7. Pjotr B


    The Market link is wrong, it includes the AppBrain.com domain! I noticed because in the App on my phone, the button View in Market won't open it correctly. Please repair, and I hope such a repair will also show up in the App-of-the-Day app. If not, then maybe it's time for a new App-of-the-Day app version :-) Speaking of new versions: could you please implement an "auto start" option for the App? I'd like to see it daily, even when I don't think of starting the App myself. Thanks, Pjotr
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