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  1. It is the widget on the first right slide screen (Bar at the top) for switching the wireless/bluetooth/gps/sync/brightness bar??? It wont Delete and i cant find out how to re-point it to this widget as it doesn't seem to be there, just displays "Problem loading widget" on the screen. I didnt add any widgets this is just the way it came after R3 rom load, i did try re-load of R3 rom but still the same outcome. any help or fix would be appreciated. Regards to all Billyhl.
  2. yee_har I am also having this problem? anyone else experienced this and fixed it ? Regards to all Billyhl.
  3. Thats funny because you can use tesco sims in O2 phones???? Which would lead me to believe that they use the O2 network. I believe Asda use the Vodafone network. But someone could correct me if i am wrong (But I Seriously Doubt It as a quick google will prove). Regards to all Billyhl
  4. billyhl

    Do i need a new 3G Sim?

    No probs mate, i was just joking. Glad to help. Regards to all Billyhl.
  5. billyhl

    Do i need a new 3G Sim?

    Try looking through the forum? http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...work-providers/ It wasnt that hard to find (LOL) Regards to all Billyhl.
  6. billyhl

    Cases for San'cisco

    I just put my SF in my nokia E71 pouch (Wich came with the phone) and its a perfect fit. Hope this helps. Regards to all Billyhl.
  7. I now have the tesco £10 per month sim only on a rolling one month contract with 500 minutes unlimited texts and unlimited (500MB fair usage) internet. This is available instore (As i did) or phone them on 0800 433 4990 untill the 10/10/2010 Also available :- £10 - 500mins Unlimited Internet and texts £15 - 750mins Unlimited Internet and texts £30 - Unlimited everything Every little helps (PMSL) If anyone spots a better deal can you let me know? I believe Tesco use O2's network. Regards to all Billyhl.
  8. These are the Access Point Name settings not the Multimedia Message Settings. Cant you get the O2 mms settings by sending a text to 2020 i believe?? could be wrong so someone please confirm Regards to all Billyhl.
  9. Seeing as a few people seem to be having problems with APN settings :- To input a new APN click "MENU" on front of phone, click "settings" on the bottom right of the screen click "Wireless and Networks" at the top of the screen, Click "Mobile Networks" at the bottom of the screen, Click "Access Point Names" at the bottom of the screen. Click "MENU" on the front of the phone and select "New APN" on the screen, Enter details of network settings below and then click "MENU" on the front of phone and "Save" Hope this helps some people Regards to all Billyhl. Settings taken from unlocked-dongle website to help people out. Whichever mobile network you use, try setting the APN to 'Dynamic' initially and use the appropriate username \ password below. If it doesn't work change to 'Static' and manually enter the APN setting. All settings are case sensitive! Vodafone APN (contract): internet APN (PAYG): pp.vodafone.co.uk Username: web Password: web Orange APN: orangeinternet Username: leave blank Password: leave blank O2 APN (contract): mobile.o2.co.uk APN (PAYG): m-bb.o2.co.uk Username: web Password: web T-Mobile APN: general.t-mobile.uk Username: leave blank Password: leave blank Three APN: 3internet Username: leave blank Password: leave blank Tesco Mobile (uses the O2 network) APN: prepay.tesco-mobile.com Username: tescowap Password: password Virgin Mobile (uses the T-Mobile network) APN: goto.virginmobile.uk Username: user Password: leave blank BT Mobile (uses the Vodafone network) APN: btmobile2.bt.com Username: bt Password: bt ASDA Mobile (uses the Vodafone network) APN: asdamobiles.co.uk Username: web Password: web
  10. billyhl

    Orange San Francisco review

    Cracking review Paul, bet that took you some time to compile. And yes its a cracking phone for the money. Regards to all Billyhl.
  11. And the final line should read :- For Windows •When this finishes, from the command prompt run 'fastboot-windows reboot' For linux •When this finishes, from the command prompt run 'fastboot-linux reboot' For mac •When this finishes, from the command prompt run 'fastboot-mac reboot' Just to make sure no one asks why it wont work. Hope this helps. Regards to all Billyhl.
  12. Got hold of one yesterday in Stockton-On-Tees Orange Branch. First look and use off Android phone and OS, normally Symbiam etc but looks and responds well. I followed this from HUKD and after all the interest on there i thought i would have to try it out. So far well impressed for the price but cant get Win 7 64 bit drivers as the phone isnt recognized even with the drivers from this site. If anyone can point me in the right direction for Win 7 64 bit drivers i would appreciate it. Thanks for all 22 pages of usefull posts and info so far. regards to all Billyhl.

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