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  1. Guys looking for help, I want to take the news and weather app out of 11b.zip using 7zip, could someone tell what file to delete please, as I can't seem to find it
  2. Ok I used wbaw's Gen1 to Gen2 TPT upgrade in the stickies, then used the flb rom in this post. I've not changed anything at all and my have not downloaded anything either as i've not even setup my apn's yet, so can't explain why it would suddenly do this.
  3. My first try on gen2 and I must say LanceH you've done a excellent job m8, everything working fine and phone is a lot smoother and faster :mellow: Think I'll be sticking with this rom
  4. Want to try out the phat version but getting this error The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
  5. Sorted thanks very much guys, was having a blonde moment
  6. I've done a search here and can't find the answer, I've got FLB 10b installed and by accident I synced to facebook, now I have hundreds of peeps in my contacts, anyone know how to remove them as I can't see it in the menu.
  7. Yes just put 9b onto your sd card, go into clockworkmod and wide data and cache then go advanced and wide dalvik, then install the zip from your card
  8. Thanks for this latest release, have you took the facebook app and the roboot facility off. I will miss the reboot as it saved wear and tear on the power and volume buttons
  9. I get a similar result with WiFi on Service State : In Service Mobile Network State : Disconnected
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