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  1. My button finally failed (I'd had my phone since day of release, about 14 months of careful use) and I was having real trouble getting the card beneath the button as is required by this fix, but I stumbled upon an alternative improvement (I hesitate to call it an actual fix). After taking the back cover off, if you lay a thin piece of plastic (like a piece trimmed from a flimsy plastic business card) in the top right hand corner, approximately where the vibrating weight is, then when you put the cover back on again it serves to push your power button up and out a little bit. The plastic card has to be thin, or you won't get the back cover on and clicked shut. If you just put your thumb over your front facing camera, and forefinger on the opposite side of the back cover, and squeeze, it has the same effect. Your power button pops up and temporarily becomes more reachable. It works for me, anyway.
  2. '3' are selling this in the UK for £150 PAYG at the moment, on their website now. I'd rather buy from them than from eBay, and it is cheaper, just saying.
  3. Wasn't Orange flogging the San Diego for around £50 in the end? I'd maybe be gutted to spend £210 on a Xolo X900 at this point in time, just saying.
  4. I know this whole will we / won't we business is driving some of us a bit crazy, but I just wanted to say that the OTA updater on my unmodified Orange ICS OSD has been increasingly nagging me to install the 12MB update this past fortnight. What I mean is that the frequency of the reminders has definitely increased. Prior to this, it only nagged me every 2-3 months about undownloaded OTA updates. Has anyone else noticed this? Could it mean anything? I haven't taken the 12MB download, BTW.
  5. Me too, resisting the urge to splurge until I get Paul's view.
  6. Stone the crows, I just removed the Sikai silicone case I've been using for the past 6 or so months, and the description of your cracks matches mine exactly! Silver plastic: 3 on the left, 1 on the right. Black plastic: 1 on the left, 1 on the right.
  7. For information, my camera is also now working again, seems fine. Very odd behaviour.
  8. Well that is interesting, and also seems to suggest more of a software issue/conflict. Hmmm..........
  9. Just wanted to chime in, I have had my phone since June last year and now, all of a sudden, I too get a 'Cannot connect to camera' message. My phone is totally stock Orange ICS. I suspect it is a software conflict, as I treat my phone well re: physical knocks. Will let you know if a factory data reset helps, as that is about the only option I have open to me.
  10. I'll post in this existing thread, in case this is very old news, but my Orange SD which I bought with GB, and which then got updated to ICS OTA and which I have *never* modified in any other way at all was offered a small 'mu' update last night (29 Jan 2013), 12 MB in size. I didn't accept and install it, thinking it just likely to be plugging holes.
  11. I just wanted to recommend an app called TapTapTap that also unlocks your phone based on input from the proximity sensor. I don't use a case that totally covers the proximity sensor. With TapTapApp I can unlock the phone with 2 swipes across the sensor. Takes a little while to learn the perfect finger movement/action, I prefer left to right (ironically, tapping is hopeless). Works 1st time about 85% of the time. The hit on my battery is acceptable, and I am definitely prolonging my power buttons life. Other similar apps are available, can anyone recommend a better implementation? Update: Took my own advice and investigated the app 'Light Lock', which arguably unlocks more consistently.
  12. I have seen Social gallery very high up in my battery usage in the past. I assumed it was because I had turned 'Facial recognition On' in the settings for that app. So I turned facial recognition off. Social Gallery currently using 2% of my current usage.
  13. Regarding the new ICS camera interface, I don't recall anyone mentioning that we have a new 'point and stitch' Panorama mode that works really well. The GB camera didn't have this, am I remembering correctly?
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