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  1. I had a similar problem with mine, the SDcard was faulty. Hook it up to adb and see if you can read logcat.
  2. Huawei themselves say it's TFT in both Y300 and G510 http://www.huaweidev...s/Huawei-G-510/ http://www.huaweidev...i-Ascend-Y-300/ PDF links at the bottom left Must have changed it last minute?
  3. What do you find is faster? opening apps or homescreen scrolling?
  4. It really baffles my as to why they skimped on the RAM, it would be so much more appealing with 1 GB. I guess it's still better than the competition, and that's why.
  5. I can only see them on a white screen, but you definitely don't stop noticing them.
  6. Seems decent for the price, new chip, new graphics core, front camera, slightly smaller/lighter. But Huawei...
  7. http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Huawei/bd-p/2 Looks like they moved them to a dedicated huawei section.
  8. My Blade was more sensitive than this device (in fact all my other touchscreen devices are more sensitive) but you get used to touching with slightly more pressure.
  9. There was a scan of a Vodafone instore brochure showing the device will receive an ICS update. And the vodafone forum staff have also promised it since the spring (as have huawei via facebook). edit: http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/vodafoneuk/attachments/vodafone/OtherOS/48394/1/Proof.jpg
  10. Vodafone confirm the update is B936 not B963 here http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/About-the-Community-and-Latest/Upgrade-to-Android-ICS-4-0-3-for-Huawei-Ascend-G300/td-p/1324672
  11. Md5 of the UPDATE.APP a14b2201529e3dd8ae21cdee78d3c8c7 UPDATE.APP Is that the same as NZ ICS update? edit: yes, confirmed.
  12. 1 person on the vodafone forums says he manually updated to 895 then got the OTA to 936. Which is what others (NZ and europe) report in other threads, first they get the 895 upgrade (OTA) then the ICS follows at a later date. Did vodafone forget the 895 update?
  13. When you plug your phone in to the PC it should show a fake CD drive called Mobile Partner. That contains the windows drivers.
  14. Do Tesco actually have physical stock? Or just the tickets out the front?
  15. Tesco discontinued the G300 weeks ago, and stock also dried up very quickly. It will be impossible to find it at Tesco now.
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