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  1. my_u8220

    LiveView and Dell Streak

    Hi all, I am considering to purchase the Dell Streak and thinking to use Liveview with Streak. However, I just wonder if I could use LV to read the Contact on Streak and activate phone call via LV? thanks!
  2. my_u8220

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    Hi, I was trying to arrange shortcut on my home screen, however, I dragged the wrong icon to the footer and it was replaced by it (please see the screenshot attached). Can someone tell me how to get the shortcut back for entering into program list (the original shortcut when ROM is flashed)? Thanks!
  3. Ok, I have CM6.1 (beta 0.30) and DTA2SD installed. However, the widget of 'Weather & Toggle' could not be displayed again on Home screen after reboot. Is this a bug? Can someone tell me how to fix it? Thanks!
  4. Hi, how do I know if A2SD is enable after typing 'a2sd check'? I got some messages of 'denied'.......! Thanks!
  5. my_u8220

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    Yeah, I have the same issue too so cannot try CM 0.3. Any advise!?
  6. my_u8220

    flashable cm6.zip

    So, which function is not working on this CM6 flash? Please!
  7. my_u8220

    Unexpected Reboots

    Someone replied that from China forum saying that he had the same issue. He installed CPU overclock program and figured that the U8220 was running at 998MHz (I doubt if U8220 could run at 998MHz), he reset the CPU to 499MHz and his U8220 never had reboot issue. I sent my U8220 back to service centre of Hauwei in Hong Kong so I cannot verfiy this solution, could someone try to install CPU management program to verify it?
  8. my_u8220

    Unexpected Reboots

    So, is this really hardware issue? I am having the same problem and it's really annoying. If this could be hardware issue. Huiwei should recall this product! :lol:
  9. my_u8220

    What is this update for?

    Oh, I though this could be some update to solve the un-expected reboot issue!
  10. my_u8220

    What is this update for?

    Found this update which released today on Huawei named 'kernel-2.6.29-U82x0-Ecalir'. Can someone examine what's this for? Thanks! http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/prod...rectoryId=2037#

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