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  1. Didn't you post this like a week ago or so? I
  2. Three is left like the fat kid getting picked last at a 5 a side football game, shame i've just moved from GiffGaff to Three
  3. lol look at the picture and read carefully
  4. Niiiiice got my One X yesterday, my Blade/OSF feels so small in my hand now
  5. My god you don't know how much i've missed that from SS7! it's only a small thing but helps a lot, yeah i could of used something like keyboard pro to get it but i actually like JB keyboard not to change it for a 3rd party one.
  6. Well as i didn't win the One X i'll give this a go
  7. I have to congratulate on the great work guys even for an alpha build it works nice
  8. liamdunn

    Win a HTC One X

    Really need to win me this phone, been loyal to my ZTE Blade since she first came out but the old girl is starting to show her age, not to mention the USB cable sellotaped to the batery haha bless it
  9. Because theirs 10 entries in total and the twitter one resets every day giving you the chance to add another entry, these tweets are shown on your tweet feed so they can easily see how many times you've tweeted the competition
  10. They made an error it ended a day earlier than it was supposed to so it's back on again for another day till tonight
  11. your missing the point, each tweet from each day gives you one more entry, so you entered yesterday which was one entry and because its the next day it gives you another chance to add another entry
  12. was supposed to end today but they made an error by ending it a day earlier than it should of which is a shame as the winner was going to be announced this afternoon so now i guess it'll be tomorrow afternoon
  13. only 18 hours left :) waiting patiently now *twiddles thumbs rocking back and forth*
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