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    How To root your San Diego

    Unfortunately I currently only have access to the Windows 8 prerelease version at present (apart from Mac OS X 10.6.8), and the Intel driver does a version check and refuses to install. Presumably the driver wouldn't work even if it was somehow forced into installing itself, therefore is there an alternative driver available that could be used instead?
  2. mclassplanet

    ICS UPDATE : Your Review

    Compass bug (a Gingerbread issue with some models of phone apparently) has been fixed; the compass now smoothly tracks as you rotate the phone (which it should do). Love the improved user interface; this is so much better than the jump from Froyo to Gingerbread.
  3. mclassplanet

    Data Plans for the San Diego

    There's also the T-Mobile Pay as you go microSIM which should be usable in the San Diego without unlocking; this is advertised as having 12 months' free internet available - I think it's 1GB/month plus unlimited web browsing - the free internet offer is (strictly speaking) only for the iPhone 4 and 4S (why this is the case isn't exactly disclosed), but I don't know whether they're just trying to deter/prevent people from using the SIM in an iPad.
  4. mclassplanet

    Screen blanking problem

    So far I've been very happy with my San Diego but there's a problem I've experienced which doesn't appear to have been mentioned anywhere yet, namely that on two occasions the screen has gone blank without warning whilst an application is actively being used. (Different applications on each occasion.) It's exactly the same as what happens when the phone isn't used for a while and the screen goes blank, namely that the lock screen reappears when the power button is pressed and swiping to unlock returns to the application that was previously being used. Has anyone else experienced similar behaviour or do I have a faulty phone?
  5. mclassplanet

    Unworkable apps

    A game that used to work but has now stopped working on my San Diego is SpeedMoto (OoO Studio), which may relate to a change made to the game's graphics; now the game simply quits when you attempt to play it, and cache clearing/reinstalling/etc. appears to have no effect. Bought my San Diego recently and it is a great phone, although these incompabilities are especially annoying in relation to something that worked perfectly fine before an update.
  6. mclassplanet

    Changing look and feel of San Diego?

    Came across an Intel rep in an Orange store yesterday and his San Diego phone featured a (presumably Intel-branded) blue-based theme that looked rather attractive from the very quick glimpse I had of it, so there is an 'official' alternative to the default Orange theme apart from whatever Xolo, etc., might use on their phones. Perhaps this theme might be available to download somewhere?
  7. mclassplanet

    camera shutter sound how to turn off

    Not in the UK but it apparently is in certain other countries (South Korea I think is one of them?), though as always there are workarounds such as using movie mode and saving still images taken from the movie playback. (Though the picture resolution will be a lot lower until much higher resolution movie capture modes are commonplace.) Technology, it seems, is one step ahead of any so-called "protective legislation" (which is essentially useless in practice).
  8. mclassplanet

    A *very* brief review of some features of the San Diego:

    Also Orange ought to be made aware that the end beep can (sometimes?) be heard at the end of a video clip as is the case at the end of the above YouTube video, because that would be an annoyance to deal with especially when combining several clips to make a longer movie.
  9. mclassplanet

    A *very* brief review of some features of the San Diego:

    Here's a video on YouTube which highlights the clicking problem: Note that there's no clicking audible during the noisy tug of war but fast forward to 0:34 and you can hear a strange intermittent clicking sound (audible above the wind noise) as the camera pans across the cows in the field. I think that it's autofocus-related and if there's some way of disabling autofocus in movie mode then that might solve or (at least) reduce the problem.
  10. mclassplanet

    SIM lock status

    If you go into a T-Mobile shop (Everything Everywhere shops might be able to offer this as well), you can ask for a Micro SIM and get 12 months' free internet woth £40 for a £10 top-up: http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/micro-sim/ Otherwise you can buy internet boosters from T-Mobile, which are great if you don't use the phone much for other purposes, especially the 6 month option for £20 (GiffGaff may still offer better value for some people). Orange (UK) doesn't offer anything similar from what I've seen: http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/mobile-phones/price-plans/pay-as-you-go/boosters/ The great thing about T-Mobile is that they don't charge you if you exceed their fair usage policy; they just restrict what you can do during peak times but basic web browsing should always be possible if a booster is currently active. However I don't think you can remove these restrictions (if the fair usage policy is exceeded) before the end of the month even if you buy another booster to follow on from one that expired before the end of a calendar month (if that makes sense).
  11. mclassplanet

    A *very* brief review of some features of the San Diego:

    Personally I don't mind the click sounds if they're relatively quiet but they sounded very loud on the demo phone when I tried playing the movie back on the phone with the volume set to maximum, though the shop wasn't that noisy at the time so the clicks could have just sounded prominent by comparison. If a different focus mode is used such as "Touch" (as mentioned on Page 29 of the manual) for recording movies, does that help to alleviate the problem? To be fair, nearly all phones that use some form of autofocus mechanism do make some noise when focusing their camera, so it's only regarded as a 'fault' if the noise is excessively loud.
  12. mclassplanet

    A *very* brief review of some features of the San Diego:

    Tried the San Diego's camera in a store today but noticed something that nobody seems to have mentioned yet. Has anyone noticed an occasional VERY loud clicking sound on the soundtrack of movies as the camera is moved? I think it's autofocus-related because it doesn't seem to happen if the camera is kept very still, and I was very careful to move the camera gently in order to avoid any handling noises being picked up by the microphones. Can autofocus be disabled in movie mode or are the clicking noises caused by something else?
  13. mclassplanet

    Got questions on the Orange San Diego? #askmodaco

    Does TuneIn Radio work? Has anyone tried any UPnP protocol-based media sharing programs such as Media Server (or similar) to see if they're OK, although it has to be said that they don't always work properly regardless depending on the client used. (Not essential but may be useful to know.) Anyone else successfully or unsuccessfully using MoboPlayer? If it doesn't work, perhaps something else may need to be upgraded?
  14. mclassplanet

    Sony Ericsson X8

    I've also been looking at the X8 as a possible alternative to the San Francisco, and overall it still seems that the SF is the best choice overall especially for anyone interested in fully exploiting their smartphone; you also get Android 2.1 as standard with the SF whereas 2.1 for the X8 has been promised but still hasn't been released yet. However the X8's camera does takes marginally better still pictures in low light (from the samples I've been able to find), and has significantly better VGA resolution video recording if that matters to you, although picture quality still inevitably suffers in low light conditions. Bear in mind that the X8's camera has no autofocus which can make scanning barcodes problematic (if required). Other points in the X8's favour include SE's Timescape interface (if you like that sort of thing), and no need to unlock if you want to use the O2 network (or GiffGaff for that matter), but there may not yet be a cheap unlock method available for the X8. Also some people may have a personal preference for the 'softer' colours of the X8's LCD screen as opposed to the vivid OLED display that the San Francisco has; the only way to be certain is to try both phones for yourself before deciding, and larger O2 shops will have a working X8 on display that can be used without having to ask a sales assistant for a demo.
  15. I have an Orange PAYG 2G SIM card which is about 2 years old but now comes up as "Unregistered" if I try to use it in a phone - does anyone know if that would still be acceptable for a discount? And if not, would reactivating that particular SIM reentitle me for the discount because it was previously used on the Orange network more than three months ago?

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