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  1. Ive been having a look through this thread and learned a lot... but what is the best phone for ~£100 delivered that is 900 band enabled for the UK? Wife needs a new phone, no bigger than the samsung galaxy nexus.... saw the FAFE F1.. any mor info from anyone who has that?
  2. Looks good apart from it may be a little bit on the small size for my thumbs which might be a bit of an issue.
  3. I need a new handset. Now i have some requirements which are more than likely massively unrealistic.. but ya know atleast im a little flexible. Currently running an LG 2X and its getting on my nerves (random reboots and laggy etc regardless of rom) I want: a capable and 'snappy' phone Running android 4 (ideally JB, but you cant have it all) Screen as good or better than the LG 2x Root is a must Custom roms are a big bonus or atleast a stock android experience (i have stuck a new rom on every android device i have owned since the original G1) Unlocked or unlockable cheaply to the 3 network. HSPA+ would be wonderful but again i think this is doubtful Budget: £100 ish ideally (i know im asking a lot here).. but could stretch to £150 if it is worth while and a bit more future proof 2nd hand is acceptable (ave price of course) Usage: I would say medium usage, i use my phone for satnav frequently and in class with the camera to do various bits and pieces with an interactive whiteboard Not a great deal of gaming (just when bored) Would want it to last me a good year+ I have seen the g300 on offer for £100 or cheaper 2nd hand but unsure how well this would fit my needs etc and how it stacks up in comparisson. Any help would be amazing!
  4. I already own the Desire, so it is not a question of value for money comparing which to get, the phone is just 2 years old now so was looking for a decent and cheap upgrade (as i wont be committing to a contact with phone) So far the G300 and the San diego look good (im just hoping that it can be cracked in the next few months!) Any other suggestions? only looking to go as far as roughly a 4" screen anything much bigger is too big!
  5. Im finally coming to the end of my contract and will be switching to a sim only deal and fancy a change of phone at the same time. How do you guys reckon the G300 compares to the original HTC Desire? I have always been happy with the desire and its fairly stable at the moment running ICS... but could be better! Anyone here owned both and can give a decent POV? Cheers!
  6. Speedwise in comparison? i know it wont be as zippy as the desire etc. (but i dont want to pay the extra 150 they want for the phone on upgrade +the 7.50 a month i would be paying over a sim only contract). Would you mind testing the perfromance with the Angry birds beta? to see how well it runs? Does the SF make use of Assisted GPS or is it only capable of standard GPS? How is the battery in comparison? or full stop infact (as the spec sheets put the battery at about half of what the hero is capable of!?) cheers!
  7. The question keeps getting lost in the main SF thread, but how does the SF compare to a phone like the HTC HERO? its all well and good comparing to the desire and galaxy S, but those are flagships, and the wildfire and pulse ar both entry level. So what about comparissons to the dated flagship models that people may still have from running contracts? Im currently using a Hero with a custom rom, contract is up soon and was thinking about this phone + a £10 sim only contract Is the SF a worthwhile upgrade from the HTC Hero? as they seem very similarly specced, battery comparrison etc?
  8. How does this stack up to the HTC HERO? I went in store and the guy said i would be taking several steps down moving from the Hero to the San Fransisco, is that right?
  9. Yea? Ive been using cuistom roms in the pasy, cyanogen and villainrom, on my G1 an Hero respectively and they tend to cause issues like rebooting when using the camera etc, so im a little wary of doining it now. What is the performance like Vs the Hero, is there a full specsheet out on the SF anywhere so that i can compare the specs side by side?
  10. Hi there, seriously considering taking the plunge and using a £10 simplicity SIM. How does this phone compare to the HTC Hero? How is the battery life? How is the game performance, like with the angry birds beta etc? I tried one out in the oange store today and it looks like a gem, it did feel a little sluggish though? Really need to know the comparrissons between this and the HTC Hero! thanks in advance guys.
  11. Hi there, seriously considering taking the plunge and using a £10 simplicity SIM. How does this phone compare to the HTC Hero? How is the battery life? Will it get Froyo? How is the game performance, like with the angry birds beta etc? thanks in advance guys.
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