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  1. thank you! I just wasnt sure, because once when I was reflashing baltic 2.1, after reflash everything was untouched. i mean settings, apps, contacts, everything was exactly the same like before flashing...
  2. Hi, I have one question: I currently have Baltic 2.1 (V20B) on my phone, but today was released ROM specific for my country (V20A). Is it possible to flash the new rom into the phone? And im curious about my data/apps/contacts - they will be erased or stay untouched? thanks...
  3. as i know, 2.1 for orange sk has already been released, for t-mobile sk not yet... im also waiting for it
  4. i had the same problem... turn phone on into donload mode (with volume down+ pwr button), connect to pc. when connected, go to device manager and in modems section disable the lg modem (or something like that). run update via KDZ. it should work.
  5. how did you managed to flash it? i bricked my phone when i tried to downgrade back from 2.1 to 1.6 and now im stuck in emergency mode... now, it connects to computer even in emergency mode. but when i start flashing via kdz_fw_upd, the computer loses connection to phone after few seconds and nothing happens...
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