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  1. Ha, just saw your tweet re. flashing new 2.3 and did wonder whether they'd updated the HBOOT or not..clearly its still rootable/S-Offable? Or is it a case of flashing an old RUU and using the alpharev tool? Looking forward to seeing what you can do with it! Cheers. Paul
  2. Format the SD card (just fat32 will do)..then stick something on it (doesn't matter what) then see if recovery can mount it..if it can't, chances are the SD is knackered. Paul
  3. if you can still get into fastboot try fastboot boot recovery.img (cw/amon..) let us know :D Paul
  4. ptdborth

    3G Freeze

    Sorry I can't help..but I've got exactly the same problem, had it on my blade too and its bloody annoying..partly the reason I upgraded to the desire tbh! I found that if I leave it on GSM only its not AS bad..but still pants. Hope someones got the answer..I reckon its on oranges end though unfortunately. Paul
  5. Yes follow HyperL's instructions..but you'll probably have to install the original android fastboot drivers otherwise windows won't recognise it. Cheers. Paul
  6. did you root it with unrevoked? also does the usb lead actually work?
  7. Ha, didnt see you had a blade too! I've just upgraded to the desire and like you say..its a fair bit different to the zte! Yes he can do what he wants bar change the partition sizes (like the JapJelly tpt :( )..give or take :( Paul Edit : I dont think unrevoked forever works on the gsm desire yet..
  8. Nope..that's a little bit more risky so I wouldn't bother, he's got clockwork now :(
  9. I had no luck with 3.21, but 3.2 worked straight off. Paul
  10. http://fs02n2.sendspace.com/download/lite/...Oked%203.21.exe http://ff05d02.filefactory.com/dl/f/b4171f...3-2-Windoze.exe
  11. You've installed the hboot driver yes? just install it when its on the main vol- page. And also try an earlier version of unrevoked..i used 'unrEVOked-3-2-Windoze' in the end as the latest ones didnt work. Paul
  12. Just the most minor of bugs/niggle I've got .. 'turn off usb storage' is exactly the same wether its on or off. Cheers. Paul
  13. Quick question.. Anybody elses status bar force close and then isn't transparent anymore? Ive had it on RC1, N2 and N4...its really annoying! Cheers. Paul
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