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  1. and did you figure out what was wrong? would be nice to know if it happens again :)
  2. nevermind... i fixed it... not sure how though :)
  3. the same one i've used many times before maybe my sd-card is broken :/
  4. Soo... i've tried out the new cm7... but as it lacks camera, i wanted to go back to cm6.... ok, so i made a backup before flashing cm7... but now i cant restore it... it restores boot, syste, data and all.. but when it comes to sd-ext it says: E: Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 (file exists) Error mounting /sd-ext/! Skipping format... and then all that once more :S anyone have an idea what i should do? :S i've already reformated my sd card... and created a new sd-ext partition (ext3) tried formating everything: system, cache, data, dalvik cache nothing worked! :/ the damn thing wont even boot! so i'll appreciate any help i can get :)
  5. It has orange letters and stuff... but there's one major issue with this new recovery: it won't backup my sd-ext!!!! can anyone confirm this?
  6. It's available in ROM Manager :P
  7. is that the new version you are talking about?
  8. Maybe this can help: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1039854 :)
  9. yep, it works, i installed it successfully on my phone :unsure:
  10. add it :P debug.sf.hw=1 add it at the of the file :)
  11. Maybe you have to change debug.sf.hw value to 1. You do it in build.prop file, i think it enables 3d acceleration if that doesn't help, try navigon, that's what i'm using
  12. try going to terminal and typing: a2sd repair (after su ofc)
  13. ok, i've just tried something i was sure was gonna brick my phone... i copied all the libs from cm7 into my cm6 rom (because lights work on cm7)... and my phone works absolutely fine... but still no success... at least now i know it's not libs that are causing this... hmm
  14. Yeah, but maloi suggested blue s and it doesn't work... so it's not necessarily framework that is causing this problem... :/
  15. Tried it, but it didn't help :-\ Any other ideas?
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