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  1. 4 LEDs on a bank with a button to show charge state even when not charging/discharging is key to me Biolite is a really cool company that do remote location device power, lighting and cooking. Charge from a stick burning portable stove! Camping site lighting and battery banks with flashlights (torches for you Paul ;-). I use many of their products and recommend them. https://www.bioliteenergy.com/ OutdoorTech is also a neat brand that produces many battery banks, some with lights and some water resistant. I use their Bluetooth helmet headphones snowboarding and got a pair of their floating Bluetooth Turtle Shell 3.0 speaker battery bank (that sound amazing). And am currently resisting backing the Turtle Shell Ultra on Kickstarter... https://www.outdoortechnology.com/
  2. Your explanation of the 'why' EMUI has somehow made me more tolerant of the not so stock Android feel. A 3rd party launcher does go a long way to improving the overall experience for me. Rogers, Bell and Telus - the 3 big telcos in Canada- are in the midst of a MASSIVE P20 Pro campaign, every other billboard in Montreal has a Big 3 telco ad for the P20 Pro. Just in time for the Montreal F1 Grand Prix!
  3. It was 642$ taxed and delivered in Canadian dollars shipped to Montreal. Pre order discounted price at that. Best in hand feel since the M8 in my opinion. For a mid ranger its surprisingly smooth and fluid in day to day use. Good battery life. Great battery life considering the size. Camera is good OEM accessories are rare and extravagantly priced. Ebay to the rescue...
  4. This is a great service Paul, Thanks!
  5. Worked for me! Hope I got the "trick" question right...
  6. Was this delayed to become the Nexus 10-2?
  7. I ordered mine today from Telus in Canada. Came with a 9000 mah battery pack and a case and their Bluetooth fob.
  8. Nice write up Paul. This notifier extender is great. And it tells time too!
  9. I got the Nexus earbuds. Love em. They also look great, with machined metal look; they are LGs but only retail packaging is labeled, earphones have a really nice X on the back. Price was ok...but with shipping, and tax...was pricy. I wish more Nexus accessories were available.
  10. I am typing this on my nexus 7 with Swype, I am a Swiftkey Flow user. Going for a week, installed on a few of my Androids. The syncing between user dictionaries is the take home feature for me.
  11. ok well my previous build flash failed too, so back to stock and then r11 again. I had been using the Modaco launcher with landscape support.
  12. I'm getting 'system UI not responding', no status bar, even after full wipes. recooking now. Recooked...same 'Unfortunately, System UI has stopped... Reverting to previous build.
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