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  1. hey i dnt know if this works but im trying to install to my storage with ubuntu but im trying a work around by using a ext2 file system driver for windows... so will this work if i choose to extract the files to my ext2 partition via this method and not via terminal in ubuntu.. if some consider this a stupid question forgive me cause i dnt know much :huh:
  2. wow updates. umm did you also improve the graphics regarding the sense ui? just curious cuz i dnt wanna flash just yet because im happy with your ji1 rom lol
  3. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...g-rom-on-i8000/ try this then download firmwares from www.samfirmware.com (not sure if this allowed in the forums) follow the steps as indicated in the 1st link given i'm not sure if you already tried this but my intentions are pure lol
  4. aww tried flashin jI1/JH2 eboot and still stuck at omnia 2 logo screen during boot tried flashin whole including phone but still nothin oh well looking forward to the sense rom hopefully graphics fix unlike other roms? or maybe the jI1 edit: i was trying to flash the JH2 lite rom
  5. i'm having issues regarding being stuck at the boot screen of samsung omnia 2 text. any thoughts?
  6. sir regarding the ezinput 2.1 it says that "It doesn't work on ROMs that doesn't have Rhodium or Leo Packages, if you install it on this kind of ROMs, it may cause a not bootable system after the soft reset." so sir speedfrog ant thoughts?
  7. hi speedfrog love your roms i am using the latest UL rom and i have a few questions if you dont mind answering them 1. is cookies home tab mod recommended in your roms? and if so what version would be the best fit. if not then any other alternate mods? :) 2. also, i am having trouble regarding a certain keyboard particularly the ezInput_2.1__fixed__WVGA_by_Sorg keyboard, after the installation i cant seem to open the album in the start menu... :) even at the sense tab. other info the keyboard looks like the one htc has dont know if that helps but i dunno im noob at this THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOUR ROMS, GOD BLESS
  8. password prblem? edit: figured it out PASSWORD = Speedfrog by the way great job speedfrog your the 1st rom i ever flashed hopefully the last one as well :P
  9. i got a omnia 2 are there any recommended roms out there from the pros pref. high rams
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