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  1. I won't be at home until Friday morning now but will post my cpuclock file as soon as I am back.
  2. Does the CPU even have a temp sensor? If it does then its possible.
  3. I wasn't using Steves Kernel. I was using my own. The clocks file was based around changes I did for my Hero kernel modified for MSM7227 and did indeed incorporate similar changes to Kallt's acpuclock.c My Linpack scores went from 3.7 @ 600Mhz to 4.7 @ 806Mhz After looking at battery life, heat and the inability to charge via USB at 806Mhz I will not be running this high. Will be doing some further testing today at lower freqs to see if I can find a happy medium that gets a good balance of battery vs performance and will still allow USB charging with wifi, bluetooth and/or screen on. @Kallt. Do you know the full format of the cpuclock file? Is an undervolt possible?
  4. On my Hero I don't bother with ROM Switcher and just do a Nandroid before installing anything new. Its important to wipe before you restore though. Also if you have a2sd installed you will need to backup the ext partition on the SD card. Dont know if clockwork can do this? amon-ra can but I don't think there is a version of that for SF yet.
  5. Can confirm that OC to 864 is possible tho My phone is a little unstable @864 with some artifacts appearing onscreen. 806 seems to work perfectly. Looking at Power button atm. Not had chance to look at battery status yet tho That is now fixed? any pointers to save a little time?
  6. Unless you can get an authorised repair center or zte themselves to release some then its very unlikely you will ever get them. knowing how much work is involved in back tracing a board to produce a schematic I seriously doubt anyone is likely to do it. If zte have removed the markings from ics as some manufacturers do then the task moves from being extremely time consuming to virtually impossible.
  7. Haven't looked at the 2. 1 browser but with froyoyou can get around this by changing the user agent to desktop.
  8. That's it :) many thanks! unfortunately will have to wait until I am home again tomorrow now but thanks again :)
  9. Anyone compiled this yet? I would but don't have a .config from the phone.... :)
  10. Don't have the phone here with me atm, any chance someone could post their config pulled from device please?
  11. jsplace


    Lol, I sat and watched my Girlfriend get a score of over 4 Million on this, which at the time would have put her top of the global scoreboard. Then suddenly the game lost its saved state and started all over again! From 0 points! There are plenty of other stories like this on the web. Shame really, she enjoyed the game immensely but has now lost heart.
  12. Have you mounted the SD card on the phone? Tap the notification after dragging the bar down.
  13. I too call this one as vapourware atm. Until I am proven wrong lol. Many people in their blog agree too.
  14. Wrong size, it does not fit in the battery bay, by about 2mm... And you could try ZTE, although bear in mind that they don't manufacture the batteries themselves, I approached the company that makes the batteries for them and was told that they cannot supply me as they are under contract to ZTE.
  15. The stock ZTE blade does not use the same battery as the SF unfortunately. Whilst the phone looks like a Blade and shares most of its components it is in fact NOT a stock ZTE Blade.
  16. OK Guys, this is a no go. The number of people interested in this is nowhere near what is needed to even make minimum order quantity. (By a factor of at least 5!) I have found another supplier who will take a much lower minimum quantity, but the price quoted is completely unrealistic. With import taxes and costs we would be looking at a price to the end user of over £40! Having spoken to a guy in Orange sales it seems unlikely that anyone is likely to manufacture spare batteries as the expected sales volume is quite low. (I have promised not to reveal actual figures and will stick to this as I should not have had this info in the first place) Its a shame but seems the only hope is that ZTE or another will manufacture a mainstream phone with the same battery that is not tied to one operator in one country. It was worth a look anyway and if I find another manufacturer with lower minimum order quantities at a reasonable cost then I will let you all know. I will update 1st post with this info also.
  17. You could try reflashing the ROM you have straight over the top. Some settings may be lost if you have changed them but your apps etc should survive.
  18. Many of us have already approached Orange via email to receive the response that they have no information regarding the Kernel source.
  19. Its a Gigabyte GSmart G1305 Codfish. Same MSM7227 processor 256Mb RAM HVGA TFT capacitive screen 5MP camera with LED flash All in all it does'nt look like too bad a device if they adn't released the San Fran :P It was only a Euro when on pay monthly contract.
  20. Guys don't switch roms because the Market doesn't seem to work. Its a market issue and I am having the same issues on my Hero.
  21. Updating the SDK has been mentioned in a few threads already mate :P Glad you got it working :D
  22. AFAIK the battery is unique to the Blade. Sure, the voltage is the same as most other handset batteries, but thats what you get with Lithium batteries. They are 3.7v per cell. Its the layout that differentiates as well as the internal protection circuitry, Charge/discharge ratings measured in C etc. The company I am dealing with has a catalogue of over 3000 different batteries and makes aftermarket batteries for ALL popular phones, PDAs, PMPs etc and they could not supply a direct replacement. If you can find a straight replacement then please let me know!
  23. Absolutely, if the numbers indicate its a go next Thursday I will be in touch with my contact to give him the go ahead to quote. As part of that process there will be drawings supplied to me and I will post here when I get them. Tho I will possibly alter the scale/remove info so the drawings cannot just be copied :D Once a contract has been agreed they will be building a soft foam prototype for my approval which I shall photograph, although if you have ever seen these foam mockups they don't look that great! And later down the line a production material prototype will again be supplied for my approval. At the end of the day, if I go ahead with this I want to sell as many as possible and that means keeping people happy and I have no problem in showing people what they will be getting, as long as its not going to hurt my chances of selling them. Lets face it, this is not a simple, nor cheap thing to set up. If I get it wrong, or people don't want the things because they aren't what they expect then I could stand to lose a substantial amount of money. Anyway, the most important thing for me this week coming is to judge the demand, I have feelers out in other places too and have already had feedback from several high street stores and phone shops. I should have a fair idea of whether there will be enough demand to make this feasible next week. If the numbers aren;t there then it wont happen, simple. If they are, then great :P
  24. Haha, yeah I know what you mean :P The other issue with batteries that cover the entire back of the device is that it increases the SAR of the phone, in fact it reflects a lot of the radiation that normally escapes into the air straight back into your head. There ARE a few devices with different antenna layouts that use this type of extended battery but each manufacturer then has to have the battery SAR rated with the device its designed to be used with.
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