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  1. Gibbo501

    Broken San Diego, what to do now?

    Just thought I'd update this, I got the Moto G from the Orange store. It was around £104 for an existing Orange customer. I got the public sector discount too and blagged them into not applying the mandatory £10 as I've just topped it the week before. Altogether it came to just over £80. Its a great phone. If anyone can make use of my old one for spares, give me a shout.
  2. Gibbo501

    Broken San Diego, what to do now?

    Thanks for the Moto G pointer, reviews looks excellent. There's a lot of phones around the £100 mark which all perform well for a budget but this seems to have the edge.
  3. Hello folks, My SD has performed flawlessly since Jan 13. But its recently suffered from the camera failure problem that has plagued a few phones. I managed to get the camera part out but I think it was the ribbon cable which has failed, and I've not been able to source a replacement part. Broken San D's are going for silly prices so it doesn't seem cost effective to repair, especially as the battery and power button are on their way out. As a phone I'm more than happy with the performance and storage and operation, so was thinking of getting another. I found this Ebay listing selling them new for £70: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171273563816?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 But it states its only running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). What do you folks think? Can it be upgraded to Android 4 without any major problems? I have to admit that I've kept mine on 4.0.4 and not been following the rooting and upgrading scene for a while, but the last time I checked it wasn't easy. Or should I just go for something new? If so, any recommendations? Size and camera are the biggest plus points for staying with the SD. TIA.
  4. Gibbo501

    Orange San Diego Review

    Got one. The nice guy at the Orange shop even combined my phone fund and public sector discount (they wouldn't do this when I bought the SF) and I got the headphones too - all for £70.
  5. You'd have to ring round Orange stores to check stock, but its no longer on display or on their site.
  6. Gibbo501

    Orange San Diego Review

    Good stuff, there's a few in stock around Merseyside.
  7. Gibbo501

    Orange San Diego Review

    My SF is about to give up the ghost, and in the absence of reasonably priced replacements would you guys recommend the San Diego?
  8. I'm having a bit of trouble so far in: I connect the phone to he PC, it's detected in Device Manager at COM7. Software runs OK, when in Download mode it reports "Line1 success! It cost 0 minutes and 26 seconds". And now I'm stuck. I can't see the phone going into FTM mode and no matter what I try I can't write the modified channel1.nvm What exactly should I be doing with regard to disconnecting the phone, battery and so on? The instructions read that it will automatically go into FTM mode, but I get nothing on screen if I wait or if I try manually. All I get is the BACK light flashing red.
  9. Another happy customer here. Been using Jap Jellyfish GEN1 for ages but fancied something new.
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to de-brick a blade, I'm following the instructions of method 5 here. I've got to stage6 of "Flash Firmware" which has appeared to go ok and reported "Line1 success! It cost 0 minutes and 32 seconds" The instructions then say that "When finished it should boot into FTM mode." but it doesn't appear to be doing so.
  11. Just a quick warning about taking care of the UK charger. I just dropped mine from a height of 2 foot and the earth prong snapped off. Not only is it all plastic, but partiality hollow, making it even weaker.
  12. I'm afraid I've gone back to Jap Jellyfish. For some reason SS has been really laggy, no matter what I do. I even wiped the SD card and did a fresh install and also tried with a second SD card but it was still the same. Wiped the card and Jap Jellyfish is flying, much faster than SS.
  13. I had nothing but trouble with EASEUS partition Manager. I found it far easier to boot into a USB stick running Linux then use the partitioning tools.
  14. Gibbo501

    Aargggh. confused help

    oops, double post sorry.
  15. Gibbo501

    Aargggh. confused help

    I also used the all-in-one route to upgrade to GEN2 and CyanogenMod. Quick and painless.

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