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  1. Looking a lot better now than it did. Will be using the default skin from here on in. Still a couple of very small things that could improve imo. I think the navigation type thing (eg Android @ Modaco Modaco Website Website Update...) should have a dash, arrow or some other symbol between levels as is the convention with most forums as it's not immediately obvious where the divider is atm. Also I don't think the buttons for hiding the Modaco guy and the sidebar really fit in with the design. The icon seems a little out of place and the button for hiding the sidebar is a different style to all the other buttons. I would prefer something in the style of the "Go to top" button. The idea for keeping the sidebar floating as you scroll down the page is a good one too. I realise these are all more personal preference now though, good job overall.
  2. A million times this. I have an extension that shows a linked image if I mouse over its thumbnail so it's pretty annoying when websites implement their own system for opening images. And pinned topics definitely need more differentiation. Not completely sold on the new design but it's certainly more modern. Still, I'll be sticking to simple for now I think.
  3. I have that too on 125+. At least I think I do, not sure if the auto-tune is just a bit crap.
  4. On 125+ the top left of my screen is used as a home softbutton regardless of whether they're on. Is this normal behaviour? It's pretty annoying since I'm left handed. No complaints other than that, I missed having fm radio :blink:
  5. Cheers, think I'll give 125+ a go. And obviously thanks sej for the ROM provision. :huh: @everyone who stops the device before unplugging: Came across this and thought of you guys. :blink:
  6. Hey guys, I know everyone hates this question but I'm looking for a relatively stable nightly. I'm still down somewhere in the 60s I think but I'm having a weird bug and am gonna wipe data. I figured I'd take the opportunity to upgrade. I'd quite like the fm radio but, as I understand it, that causes battery issues. Any recommendations? Cheers
  7. You offering to make one? If anyone could do so without an unreasonable amount of work, I think they would have by now. And you want something stable but without multiple releases, oxymoronic surely?
  8. You'll have it set to broadcast a mixed signal. So it can connect to devices using different wifi protocols.
  9. Have you tried using clockwork manually rather than through recovery manager?
  10. Apks are basically self-contained, they're not like exes. They have that stuff in them. Flb is the most stable atm I think. You can flash a TPT image if you want to enable fastboot. There're one or two topics saying about it. Edit: Just been reading what wbaw was saying in a different thread. Fastboot still works but the shortcut vol + doesn't work in the newer blades. If you root you can get to it via terminal emu or quickboot or whatever.
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