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  1. Rumor has it that Nexus S will be available on monday, so perhaps 2.3 will be released on monday too.
  2. No, never had that problem before and after reboot it worked just fine again.
  3. Only problems so far is that the touchscreen has stopped working, had to remove battery and wifi is not connecting as it should.
  4. Yes it's way too loud... There have been others saying that call quality is excellent so it's probably not normal. I've contacted orange by mail, let's see what they have too say.
  5. Ok, thanks for checking. Thinking of returning mine but I'm afraid postage back and forth will be too expensive.
  6. Do you hear that same hiss in calls? It's a bit too loud for me to be able to igore it =)
  7. I did respond too you in another thread too, but yeah, same issue here. And same noise in calls.
  8. I also have a squeaky volume rocker but it got less squeky when I forced it up by half a mm so it no longer touched the "chrome" below. I'm also thinking of returning mine due to problems with call quality, I hear a constant buzz when making calls. I'm afraid it could be a hassle returning it though since I live in sweden, or maybe just expensive.
  9. Well my GF thinks I'm exaggerating, and according to swedroid's review of the SF they too hear a "high-frequency whirring" when making calls. So maybe it's not faulty hardware after all...
  10. Since I'm the only one having this problem I probably should return it, too bad I'm in Sweden. Will have to read into Orange's return policy then...
  11. It's not the mic. Noise is present even when playing music, if I pause the music I can hear the noise for about 5 seconds and then it's totally quiet, you can hear something turning off. Reverted to stock rom, no difference.
  12. I see. Would you say the call quality is bad/ok/excellent? Should add that I'm Pauls custom r2 rom.
  13. I can see the meter (in sound-recording) hitting bottom even when not saying anything in a pretty quiet room. Just compared to my colleagues desire, it's stays all quite in the same room.
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