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  1. I tried this rom this morning without much success I am afraid. I did a full install, cleared all caches etc, and am running the latest clockwork, but I was immediately getting force closures on the keyboard, and I couldnt figure out how to stop them....consequently I coulndt even sign into my google account. Tried to download it twice, but just the same.:-(
  2. Can you confirm you can now use Huawei's weather or music widgets, as the patch didnt work for me or Tillaz ???
  3. They have certainly been working with Nova Launcher up to now, it must just be this latest version. I'll have to try figure out how to change launcher now....which is a shame as I liked the Nova one :-( Edit : Do you think it would be possible to extract the older version of the launcher from your last rom and use it with the new rom ?
  4. Thanks for the patch Tillaz...sadly it hasn't helped, I am still getting the error on those 2 widgets. I am going to start from fresh and install the whole thing again, see if that helps.
  5. It is. I am also getting the same problem with the Huawei Music widget :-(
  6. Its the HW Weather found in stock apps on post 2 of this thread. Thanks. Have tried on apk and installed zp version.
  7. Can anyone else confirm the Huawei Weather widget has problems and will not load, or is it just me ?
  8. Installed on 2 phones now, and the only problem I have seen (on both) is I can't get the Huawei Weather App to work as a widget. On both its now saying "problem loading widget".
  9. I would say none of them...they are rom specific. Looks to me like you will need to do the following : 1. Grab a copy of your current rom in clockwork installable zip form, rather then the Huawei update format. 2. Extract the ContactsProvider.apk file out of it...alternatively just use a root explorer to grab it. 3. Install the Java SDK 4. Download the Smali program (which is in Java from what i can see), and dissasemble the apk file. 5. Follow the instructions given in the "detailed explanation". 6. Assemble the apk file 7. flash the zip file to your phone using clockwork, either individualy or copy it into the rom zip file and flash the whole rom if thats easier for you. I think thats the general premise....I did start to have a go at this...I installed the JDK, but couldnt get smali running for some reason...and I ran out of spare time. Hopefuly someone else can do this for the various G300 roms.
  10. I think the loss of ringtone might be associated with the rebooting...I have only had one or two reboots last week, and nothing since then, but on each time, the programmed ringtone and sms receipt sounds reset to default values.
  11. For some reason , this no longer works....a step backwards if you ask me, but as I was advised on here a week or so ago, the fix is to install Haxsync...which worked for me for 90% of my contatcs. Where previously if my facebook contact had a slightly different name, it would pick it up, or at worst, would allow me to join contacts, I now cant seem to do that....but if the name in the address book exactly matches your facebook contact, Haxsync does pull in the picture.
  12. That did the trick, cheers. I had two choices in there that appeared identical (in name), so I just chose the other one.
  13. I tried option 2, copying the files over into the system/app folder...used ES File Explorer, had to mount system as writeable etc before it allowed me to copy over. Hasnt worked though....rebooted the phone, and still have the red lines under 99% of the words. Will try the script method tonight.
  14. haxsync did the trick for me, thanks folks :-)
  15. Probably just me, but after spending about an hour trying to figure this out, and conceding defeat...does anyone know hot to merge the Facebook contact photos into your contact list. Its looking a bit crud without them, and I'm going to miss this if it can't be done.
  16. I had a look, and found "totemWeather.apk", which I would imagine is the file I need....so I have copied it elsewhere for later use. Thanks.
  17. I know the Huawei apps are being removed, but I quite like their Clock/Weather widget (it's nice anc colorful, though it never seems to show the sun!). Is it possible for me to back this up and install it when I go ICS ?
  18. Any chance someone could put on here how to take an imei backup please.
  19. Having read through this thread, one thing I am still not clear on....is clockwork recovery already installed before this all takes place ? My G300 8815 is currently on B886 and I have rooted it using Paul instructions, but I have not yet installed Clockwork recovery. Is this something I would do before flashing this official Chinese rom, or do I flash the rom, then follow Pauls Clockwork recovery instructions (after obviously unlocking the bootloader).
  20. I have just discovered my MMS settings arent working, as I received one which just gave me a url and a password, rather than the picture....it used to work on my Blade using this sim. I have set the second APN for the MMS settings as per T-Mobile web site. Does yours work ok Frankish ?
  21. Yes of course on the G300, given its the G300 forum ! hehe I do note that my username/password are different to those you quoute though.
  22. Just checked mine, and its the one you say didnt work, general.t-mobile.uk . working fine for me. Odd.
  23. Ahh yes, so it does.....see, told you it was an idiot question ! Silly me :-)
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