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  1. Bobby Demos

    A new case for samsung Galaxy Tab

    I like this one. I foolisly bought the offical one and it sits near the bottom buttons so you have trouble connecting with them. Was this item on eBay? I've bought a silicone jacket, but I want a case so I can hold it up by my bed for films etc. Bobby
  2. I've had to return to Paul's custom 2.1 rom. The phone wouldn't let me input text in certain areas of the device, such as settings and wifi tethering. Has anyone else had this problem?
  3. I was trying to read through some of the replies, but realised there are loads of them. I have had my Blade since October and use it for work generally. But I wanted to update it to Froyo and I am interested in using the gingerbread theme. How do I put that on the phone? Thanks, Bobby
  4. Bobby Demos

    MCR r2 archive

    I think Paul's been working on the San Francisco rom's. I'd like to know if this ROM still has the issues that I've been reading about? I'm getting a Legend for my new business, and I'd prefer not to have to spend the money on getting a sim-free one. From my understanding, a modaco custom ROM basically debrands a phone yes? As this is what it did with my San Francisco. Bobby
  5. Bobby Demos

    Blade 2.2 (Chinese) ROM dump

    I spoke to my friend in the technical support team, he said that he isn't supposed to say, but Orange are working on a Froyo update for the San Francisco. Bobby
  6. Bobby Demos

    Blade 2.2 (Chinese) ROM dump

    Word has it Orange is working on their own 2.2 for the San Fran? Bobby
  7. It erases everything but reinstalls the modaco custom rom from the sd card, I done this earlier. Bobby
  8. Thank you. I normally have this turned off anyway, I normally provide ICT Systems Support and this is a big problem. :) Many thanks! Bobby
  9. Scratch that. I have managed to get clockwork mod installed (I did a manual driver install). I have downloaded the ROM from the other page on the online kitchen thread (but haven't used the online kicten as I am not premium member.) When I download the rom from the link the file name is: r3-update-modacocustomrom-blade-signed, and the clockwork mod is looking for an update.zip file. So I renamed it update.zip. Both times it comes up with: Install from sdcard finding update package opening update package E: can't open /sdcard/update.zip (No Such file or directory any ideas? I've tried renaming the sd on windows it self to sdcard and even tried placing a folder inside the card called sdcard with the update.zip file inside....
  10. I have downloaded the drivers from the Blade/San Fran modaco wiki. And they haven't done much, I have installed the drivers by pointing windows to to the directory they are in. But nothing comes up when it goes into boot mode..... Bobby
  11. Hi, I don't know if I am just being stupid here....I've managed to get my windows laptop working (as it just wasn't working on my Mac). I am in command prompt and put fastboot-windows etc in and its just saying waiting for device. The device is ready, volume held up and power on, android on the screen. I am just not having much luck at all. Bobby
  12. I have cded to the directory that I want, I've named the folder ZTEBlade, and done cd ZTEBlade. It comes up....?
  13. Meant to say, this is all in terminal its saying fastboot-mac: command not found Really annoying me now....sorry! Bobby
  14. Hi, I don't know why, but I am struggling with this, I am not a layman when it comes to computers, (I trained to be a computer programmer for 3 years, VB.NET ((Not that good I know :))) so yeah). I am doing this from an iMac (forgot my password on my Vista laptop). I have setup a folder in my root folder called ZTEBlade. And its telling, it can't find the fastboot-mac file....I've tried actually putting it in the ZTEBlade folder, rather than the subfolder it unzips in...so yeah....any help would be hot.... Bobby

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