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  1. This is a move for the better in my opinion. Anything to deter people from leaving ridiculous reviews.
  2. Is this price drop for good? I'd recommend spending that little bit extra and getting a tablet that isn't locked down by Amazon's ridiculous version of the Android OS.
  3. Plume for me, but this update is nice. I thought the official Twitter client had media previews already? At least it did when I last used it.
  4. According to AndroiCentral the service has now launched in Europe, but I'm still not seeing any signs of it working. http://www.androidce...now-live-europe Edit: Nevermind, it seems to be working. I added my Music folder instead of adding separate folders I wanted uploading, and the amount of uploaded tracks is increasing independent of the uploads that are going on. While typing this it went from 278 to 294 while other tracks were still uploading.
  5. An update to the client does seem like the logical step. Shame there's no real info on it. You'd think with such a great new feature people would be champing at the bit.
  6. Hi all, Has anyone been able to get the new Scan and Match feature to work when uploading music to Google Music? If so, what did you do, exactly? I tried just now with an album available on Google Music (Daft Punk - Discovery) but it still wanted me to upload the full album rather than just "unlocking" it for streaming on the Google Music app.
  7. Used HideIPVPN's free trial and it couldn't have been simpler. Cheers for the write up!
  8. Not even close to a replacement for the BBC iPlayer application for most people. You can't view catchup tv, only live TV. And no radio on BBC. Good application though
  9. Ahh, I've only been holding it in place for a second at most, that might be where I've been going wrong.
  10. I'm sorry to post this here, but I thought maybe I could get some support regarding Google Wallet in the UK. I've been to two Gregg's so far and Google Wallet hasn't worked. It doesn't pop up when I "swipe" the device across the reader, and the reader doesn't register the NFC. I've installed your patched apk Paul, and unfrozen it with Titanium Backup. Does anyone know if there's a way to "test" it's all working without having to go to the shop? I feel like an idiot when it doesn't work. Is there anything the cashier needs to do on their end to make contactless payment work? They all seemed pretty clueless about it. (I don't have any other NFC devices.)
  11. Anyone hoarding their precious £15 like I am? I've only bought Reddit Sync Pro so far to support to developer. Most apps I've wanted seem to be free..
  12. I've modified my build.prop to allow me to use the tablet UI on the Nexus 7 and I must say I prefer it. The only problem I've run in to is that BBC iPlayer, when opened, redirects me to the mobile site because their app isn't optmised for tablets. That's their excuse, not a conclusion I came to on my own. My question: is there a way to trick the app into running phone mode and not tablet mode? I don't like running iPlayer in a browser because when I press the Home button to go do something else, iPlayer stops whatever I was listening to until I open the browser again. Thanks all!
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